Featured Voices: Prohormones

Prohormones Growing up, I had always felt a little off. I simply didn’t share the interests of boyfriends, wedding fantasies, or fashion, switching early on from dresses and skirts to an odd mix of boys’ and girls’ clothes. But it took me until I was in my mid to late teens that to finally learn about other folks like me, mostly reading about men having … Continue reading Featured Voices: Prohormones

Live Q&A Wrap-Up

Thank YOU! The Live Q&A on Saturday was a success! You can always revisit the Q&A thread, and continue asking or answering in the comments. Among the questions asked were: Reactions to coming out as nonbinary Introducing the idea of top surgery to a partner Nonbinary legal gender marker in IDs Staying or stopping low dose T Transitioning as a AMAB neutrois Tips for travel … Continue reading Live Q&A Wrap-Up