Featured Voices: Inspiration from a Gender Therapist

 Inspiration from a Gender Therapist

Dara has been a gender therapist for almost a decade. As a mental health, Dara attended a large trans conference in Philly to learn more about trans clients. One of the workshops asked the attendees to say whether they identified as trans or cis, and in this moment Dara realized… “I don’t feel comfortable saying I’m cisgender.”

So I asked Dara:

Where does a gender therapist get guidance for their own gender journey?

About Dara

fv-discover-your-gender-identity-bookDara Hoffman-Fox is a queer-identified Licensed Professional Counselor and a transgender advocate. Inspired by years of working as a gender therapist with those who are gender questioning, gender diverse, and transgender, Dara uses every opportunity to create a welcoming, safe, and supportive world in which these individuals are free to be themselves. Dara does this through public speaking, workshops, social media activism, and interviews with the media. 

For those who are transgender and gender diverse, Dara provides education and guidance through a blog, YouTube channel, the Conversations with a Gender Therapist Facebook page, and the publication: You and Your Gender Identity: A Guide to Discovery

Dara, who identifies as nonbinary, lives in Colorado with their wife and teenage daughters and sets aside time whenever she can for frequenting local coffeehouses, movie theaters, and Zumba classes. 


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