Featured Voices: Back to Myself

In this Featured Voices theme, our guest authors share their Inspiration: the catalyst, the motivator, the fire behind a gender that doesn’t seem to exist in the world. For Alyx, inspiration came in the form of a gender role model, but only after a winding introspective journey of coming out. Winding My Way Back to Myself It’s funny — when I first saw this theme about gender role … Continue reading Featured Voices: Back to Myself

Reader Ramblings: Not-Binary, Not Trans Enough

I have been having a lot of trouble with ‘not trans* enough’ thoughts and I don’t know how to combat them. I’m an advocate for trans* people at my school and I firmly believe that non-binary people are just as trans* and deserving of respect and consideration as any other trans* people, but I’m having so much trouble convincing my critical voice. I’ve been wanting … Continue reading Reader Ramblings: Not-Binary, Not Trans Enough

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Post-Transition Dissonance

A reader asks about experiencing dissonance after transitioning. “Somedays though, I don’t know what to do about being read as male more often than not. I mean, mostly that’s a good thing, I welcome it, I want it to happen. Sometimes, though, I want to scream I am not, I am neither gender, I don’t want a gender – but I remain quiet because I know the world can’t really conceptualize that.” Continue reading Post-Transition Dissonance


5 Things I Wish I Knew Last Year

Hormones are gradual. That I would actually take hormones was a surprise in itself, since for the longest time I was absolutely convinced that I would never ever do that. But also, internalizing the fact that you don’t take a shot of testosterone and wake up with a full grown beard and hunky chest hair helped me put aside my irrational fears and focus on … Continue reading 5 Things I Wish I Knew Last Year


Goodbye 2012, and what a year it was. The things I accomplished in 2012 go way beyond anything I ever intended or imagined. (The only reason 2011 has a leg up is because I had top surgery at the beginning of that year, and that is still the biggest milestone in my life.) Let’s do a quick recap. Started, then stopped, then started, then stopped … Continue reading 2012