Live Q&A Wrap-Up

Thank YOU! The Live Q&A on Saturday was a success! You can always revisit the Q&A thread, and continue asking or answering in the comments. Among the questions asked were: Reactions to coming out as nonbinary Introducing the idea of top surgery to a partner Nonbinary legal gender marker in IDs Staying or stopping low dose T Transitioning as a AMAB neutrois Tips for travel … Continue reading Live Q&A Wrap-Up

Reader Ramblings: Non-Binary Transition At Work

Someone on the non-binary spectrum emailed me looking for resources on how to navigate their professional life, specifically in a conservative job environment where gender comes with certain expectations.
Do you just suck it up? What are the compromises one has to make? Where is the balance? Continue reading Reader Ramblings: Non-Binary Transition At Work

Reader Ramblings: Not-Binary, Not Trans Enough

I have been having a lot of trouble with ‘not trans* enough’ thoughts and I don’t know how to combat them. I’m an advocate for trans* people at my school and I firmly believe that non-binary people are just as trans* and deserving of respect and consideration as any other trans* people, but I’m having so much trouble convincing my critical voice. I’ve been wanting … Continue reading Reader Ramblings: Not-Binary, Not Trans Enough

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Post-Transition Dissonance

A reader asks about experiencing dissonance after transitioning. “Somedays though, I don’t know what to do about being read as male more often than not. I mean, mostly that’s a good thing, I welcome it, I want it to happen. Sometimes, though, I want to scream I am not, I am neither gender, I don’t want a gender – but I remain quiet because I know the world can’t really conceptualize that.” Continue reading Post-Transition Dissonance