Live Q&A Wrap-Up

Thank YOU!

The Live Q&A on Saturday was a success! You can always revisit the Q&A thread, and continue asking or answering in the comments.

Among the questions asked were:

  • Reactions to coming out as nonbinary
  • Introducing the idea of top surgery to a partner
  • Nonbinary legal gender marker in IDs
  • Staying or stopping low dose T
  • Transitioning as a AMAB neutrois
  • Tips for travel when undergoing top surgery overseas


A big thanks to all who asked, answered, and even those who lurked about.  As a nonbinary community we have much to share with each other and learn from our collective experiences.

If you’d like me to host another Q&A in the next month or so, leave a comment or send me a message.

Up Next

Submit your story for our next Featured Voices theme: Hormones. It can about your experience on hormones, going off hormones, thinking about hormones, or even concerns about hormones.

Just email me your idea or draft and become a guest author.


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