Crowdsourced Resources

A huge source of information when I started transitioning and blogging and researching and freaking out was reading other people’s blogs, then discovering other blogs from their commenters’ blogs. Since my site has become such a popular platform, I want to use it as a hub to expand the community’s network of resources.

I invite you to leave a comment with:

  1. A link to your blog/site
  2. Briefly, what your blog/site is about

That simple.


My blogging environment is business un-casual.
My blogging environment is business un-casual.

18 thoughts on “Crowdsourced Resources

  1. This here’s Marval A Rex, artist and free lance writer. My blog, covers some top surgery musings as well as updates on life and the stars. I am always open to any questions or comments left on the blog. I can speak to low dose testosterone, top surgery and being a total Queerdo (and proud).


    A blog about Chinese medicine and its contribution to trans/gender-nonconforming care. Resources for other health professionals and for patients looking for alternatives and ways to mitigate side effects of HRT.

  3. Hi! I’m Raye, AFAB nonbinary femme queer, and I blog at about my nonbinary transition. I’m heavy on the thoughts, ideas, and feelings surrounding gender and how I experience it day to day, from an intersectional queer feminist perspective.

  4. I’m Michon Neal, AFAB genderqueer intersex, queer, poly, black, autistic, disabled and so much more. I invented cuil fiction, content that actually acknowledges sexual and gender variation. It’s queer and poly intersectional fiction and you can find more about it on, though I also run and work for several online magazines like postmodernwoman.con and

  5. I’m Labyrinthus. A friend and I are blogging about feminist, transmasculine- and queer-related issues at (unfortunately, German language onlye so far)

  6. It’s not my blog but I can’t speak more highly of Gendercube on tumblr ( I’ve been following him for years and he is hands-down one of the nicest and most informative people I’ve ever come across. His blog is both a personal documentation of his transition as well as a source of advice for other trans masculine people. He’s answered literally thousands of questions and has influenced the trans masculine community because of it. We also met at the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference and he was so humble. All around an amazing blog and amazing guy.

  7. Hello! I’m Cassian. 🙂 I’ve got a big pile of URLs for you…

    Annual nonbinary/genderqueer survey:

    Sporadic nonbinary armchair activism:

    My personal blog on Tumblr and Imzy:

    A nice social network my girlfriend is making that is *truly* gender-inclusive:

    I think that’s it…!

  8. Hi! There are some relevant communities on Imzy:
    Dodging Body Binaries, which is supposed to be about everything you could call non-normative transition or nonbinary transition, as well as enbysex, angenital, xenogenital and similar discussion.
    And,, &, which are pretty self-explanatory.

  9. It’s awesome of you to connect so many people in so many helpful ways. I hope to do the same myself and am doing that mainly in my own community so far. My blog is and it’s about my own journey in real time to understand and reveal my gender identity and place in the world. I’m nonbinary and living in Portland, Oregon. Let me know if you have any questions or comments. I’d love to hear from you.

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