Non-Binary Youth

Workshop Description


More and more children feel their gender does not fit into a male or female box, and we are finally listening. For these youth, as well as for the professionals supporting them, questions surrounding transition are often left unanswered.

Is my kid trans?
Will my child ever decide on a binary identity?
And… what happens if they don’t?

With a focus on social and medical transition, this workshop will explore the options children have for following a non-standard transition route, as well as the limitations and obstacles they might encounter by trying to live in a world that does not acknowledge their gender.

I presented Non-Binary Youth at the Gender Odyssey Professional Conference, held in Seattle on August 2015. The audience was primarily medical and service providers of transgender health.

Slides and Speaker Notes

The bad news: This presentation was not recorded, so there is no accompanying video.
The good news: Here is an almost exact transcription of what I said, based on my slides and speaker notes.

Live-Stream 2016 Video

The great news: The 2016 workshops were live-streamed on Facebook!



You are definitely encouraged to share with your provider, as well as family or friends.
I only ask that you include attribution or acknowledgement; the best way to credit me is linking to my site.

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