Live Q&A with Micah

Happy Everything!

I forgot to mention – and celebrate – my Patreon-versary in October!

Of the 62 generous patrons who continue to feed my self-esteem each month, a significant majority have stuck around for the whole year. Even I don’t know if I could handle myself for that long – you all deserve a medal (or… err, a postcard)!

And as of February, I will also celebrate 6 years of blogging, gender activism, transitioning, and still waiting to become an adult. Dozens of interviews, articles, conferences. Thousands of emails, articles, followers, and hearts won over.

We’re also about 2 weeks away from 2017.

In honor of all that, I am holding a special live Q&A this week!


Live Q&A

What is a “live Q&A”? If you’re a redditor, it’s like an AMA. For the rest of you, it’s a sort of pseudo-chat where we virtually interact with each other in real time.

I’m always looking for ways to foster a deeper connection with my community, since it often feels like a one-sided conversation. This includes you talking to me, me talking to you, me talking to me, and you talking to each other. I only have my one life experience; there’s so much untapped collective wisdom in each of you on how to navigate this gender maze.

How the Q&A will work

On the chosen datetime of Sat Dec 17th 1pm PST we all log on and “chat” with each other via the comments of this public Patreon post.

The Fine Print

Anyone can see the post and its comment thread, but only those who are logged in can actively participate (note: you do not need to be my patron, only an account is required).

Version 2

Remember this is a public post. If you do not want your name associated with it, simply create a pseudonymous account.

You are welcome to post questions before the live Q&A starts, and it will remain open afterwards as well.

woodstockYou are highly encouraged to reply to each others’ comments.

Be respectful. I reserve the right to delete any comment. (If you see something that needs to be brought to my attention, you can always message me personally through Patreon or via email).

Try to keep your questions of a reasonable length. If you feel it’s too long or too personal, you always have the option of emailing it to me in private.

The questions do not all have to be about gender. We can discuss rock climbing, unicorns, coffee, robot unicorns jacked up on coffee, or anything else.

Tell your friends – the more people we get, the better the experience for all of us!


On Saturday: Dec 17th 1pm PST (timezone check)


On Patreon: In the Comments (link:


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