Featured Voices Summary: Inspiration

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Certain recent events have prompted a wave of donations to all sorts of non-profits fighting the good fight. While I’m not in court arguing for someone’s civil rights, I hope the work done here by me and all those who’ve shared their story has at least won over a few hearts.

It feels weird asking you support me financially, so all I ask of you today is that you start a donation to any organization.

Summary: Inspiration

The gap in nonbinary role models is quickly filling up with people who – like myself – decided to tell their story to the world. This collection of authors and vloggers, advocates and everyday people, has already inspired many others to live in their own authentic gender. May they continue to find inspiration and pass it on to us.


  • Backwards Inspiration is about Emma’s quest for resources for & by partners, and how to tackle nonbinary transition as a team.
  • Siblinghood by Anneluke and né is a personal + political story of when two nonbinary met.
  • Aydian Dowling is a huge inspiration to thousands of transgender people and their loved ones all over the world. In this video, he tells us who inspires him.
  • Convergence takes us through Kameron’s close relationships, and how each contributed to different parts of his gender evolution.
  • Stubborn describes Sam’s approach to transition, and patience is more apt for this partner.
  • Back to Myself is the winding journey of coming out for Alyx, who in the end realized their gender role model lived right around the corner.
  • Inspiration from a Gender Therapist is a video by Dara, a gender therapist, who is also on the nonbinary gender spectrum.

Since the launch of Featured Voices series earlier this year, nearly 50 guest authors have written about their journey with nonbinary gender. I’d also like to add 60 ferocious supporters on Patreon in recognizing the wonderful people who make the nonbinary community stronger.

Next Theme: Hormones

And now, a quick reminder that the next theme is hormones, and the next month is December, and the next year is 2017. Which means you should write about one of these three things and send it to me pronto!


Trans Resources

I leave you with a list of trans resources, including help with legal name/gender change and organizations you can donate to.


Community Voices

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