Live Q&A Wrap-Up

Thank YOU! The Live Q&A on Saturday was a success! You can always revisit the Q&A thread, and continue asking or answering in the comments. Among the questions asked were: Reactions to coming out as nonbinary Introducing the idea of top surgery to a partner Nonbinary legal gender marker in IDs Staying or stopping low dose T Transitioning as a AMAB neutrois Tips for travel … Continue reading Live Q&A Wrap-Up

Featured Voices: Aydian Dowling

A Lion’s Fears In 2009, Aydian Dowling launched his YouTube channel Alionsfears. He began documenting his own transition as a way to voice his thoughts, fears, and successes. Through his videos he connected with the transgender community as he offered support for others looking to transition. Aydian quickly became an inspiration to many transgender people and their loved ones. So, I asked Aydian: You are an inspiration to so many others… Who Inspires YOU? … Continue reading Featured Voices: Aydian Dowling