I’ve gained many readers since publishing the majority of my ~200 posts on this blog.

Instead of new content, I’d like to highlight some older writing, some of which I’m deeply embarrassed, some of which I’m still extremely proud of, and most of which I hope you’ll find to be an enjoyable companion in your gender journey.


What Will “They” Say?

For years I struggled with pronouns. Even today, when someone asks “what pronouns do you use?” I still stumble.

Jr and Sr
Jr and Sr

Past Life

I had a weird dream where I time-travelled to high school and tried to come out as trans.

Be Yourself

Who is Yourself? I try to answer life’s deepest question.

Today’s Truth

“When I told my dad I wanted surgery, it went something like this.” Lesson: the only constant is change.


When I write about my dad, it’s humorously dramatic. Here’s a rare, raw post where I pour my heart out about my mom my process of grieving our relationship. Things have turned around for the better now.

Mom, Brother, and Me
Mom, Brother, and Me

Top Surgery: 4 Years

I guess 5 will be the major milestone, but since surgery was a turning point in so many ways, my yearly surgery picture updates have remained a core part of my blog.

Complete and Post Transition

Over two years ago, I felt done with my transition. But what does the finish line look like for a non-binary person? What does it mean to be post-transition when this binary world will never completely acknowledge my gender?

The Story of My Name

Although I’ve always been awesome, I wasn’t always Micah. But Micah is now me, a core part of my identity. Hard to believe it’s only been 3 years since my name change!


In the process of (not) finding a name, I became desperate; I began to lose my sense of self.

My solution to unisex gendered bathrooms at work.
My solution to unisex gendered bathrooms at work.

The Bathroom Issue

Bathrooms always come up in workshops about trans people. They always come up in legislation. They always come up in my day to day life. All of us have a bathroom story.

Intersecting Identities

Five years into my blog, and I have so far remained semi-anonymous. Yet I still struggle with maintaining the fine line of obscuring my identity while working (now full-time) on trans advocacy.

Social & Physical Dysphoria

We’re really digging dip into the archives here! Not even a year into blogging, I had already made great insights around what being trans really means.

A Passing Story

Tennis, left-handedness, and 1st grade: an anecdote.

#tbt when I was 10
#tbt when I was 10


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