Featured Voices Theme: Inspiration

Out At Work / School

Coming to a close (finally) is our theme about Coming Out at Work / School.

Eleven authors reached out to share their experiences – some positive, some difficult, and some, like us, eschew classification. Above all, every one of them complex and personal, like our non-binary genders. What I took away from these stories is a lesson I learned early on, yet have a hard time remembering: you make your own decisions in your own time.


Notably missing is a post by yours truly. I assure you I have very compelling “coming out at work” tales, including the dreaded bathroom debacle, but I’ve been too distracted lately to write it down. A big part of my work right now involves this blog, so let the archives serve as an interim storyline.

Next Theme: Inspiration

Five years ago, I couldn’t find anyone who embodied the gender I felt myself to be. Once I got involved in the trans community, I began meeting people who granted me the encouragement I needed, a deep wisdom I craved, and the motivation that has kept me pushing forward. Still, I lacked a role model forging the path I wanted to walk in; instead, I crafted my own vision of gender.

Previous guest authors have already alluded to this desire to connect with someone similar, hope catalyzed by seeing yourself in another. Yet our genders are so unique and diverse that finding just one person seems nearly impossible.

Even though I never kept a journal, or harbored any inclination for oversharing, I decided to start this blog as a testament to possibility: to show others that whatever it is they wanted to transition to, in whatever way they wanted, it could be done.


Who is your role model?

Who has inspired you?

What made you decide to take that next step?

You can tell us about a special person in your life, or an event, a support group, a book, (a blog!), a place. You don’t have to choose one particular moment; your inspiration can be a series of conversations that compounded. It can be external or internal, positive or negative, transformative or ordinary, a memory of the past, a dream of the future. You can also reach out to someone who has inspired you and ask them to contribute (or I’ll reach out on your behalf 🙂 ).

I know my blog has inspired many, but writing doesn’t happen in a vacuum. As I draw inspiration from you, I’m infinitely curious to see where you draw inspiration from. Ripple effects in action.

Submit your drafts, videos, ideas all through August!

Has this series inspired you?

Join the 58 Gender Warriors supporting the work behind the blog. Donate a spare hour and write about your experiences, or donate a spare dollar and help inspire a larger, stronger, louder community of non-binary voices.

At the very least, help me welcome our newest contributors: Adria, Cuca, Rich, Xav, Seth, Lou, and Monica. Thank you for believing in me!


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