Though the general public perceives “transitioning” as some magical sex change that instantly transforms you from man to woman, or woman to man, we all know it doesn’t really work that way. This is especially true when your gender falls out of the binary, but more often than not these days people are not even taking the “traditional” routes to transition so by now it … Continue reading Ready

Hello my name is... tag

The Story of My Name

The Perfect Fit A newly minted parent is tasked with the highly anticipated and/or much dreaded job of choosing a name for their baby. This soon-to-be alive little tiny person has yet to form an identity, showcase a personality, settle into habits and quirks; he/she/it/they are just an idea, an unformed blob of dreams and fears. The name that the parent(s) choose is based on … Continue reading The Story of My Name

The Road Less Traveled By

The Road Less Traveled By

Transition is a unique path each transgender person takes. Then Historically, it was assumed that there was a prescribed path to transition; that each person had to jump through certain hoops in a specified sequence, in order to first “qualify” as being truly transgender, and then actually be “allowed” to transition. Each step was strictly laid out, and any deviations – whether external or internal … Continue reading The Road Less Traveled By

Where does one color end, and the other begin?

Orange Red, Red Orange: Intersecting Identities

Remaining stealth is important to many bloggers for a variety of reasons, and I frequently refer to my inclination for semi-anonymity. But lately it has become increasingly difficult to keep all of my identities in check, neatly compartmentalized and perpendicularly aligned, as my lives intersect in many ways. Whenever I have to give out my “real” name to someone – by “real” I usually mean … Continue reading Orange Red, Red Orange: Intersecting Identities

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You can now get more of my awesomeness by liking my Facebook Page. Posts include short updates such as: LGBTQ books I’m reading Thoughtfully cute drawings What the effects are of extra-strength body lotion for men How hard it is to find gender-neutral age-appropriate vitamins Above all, I enjoy connecting to a broader community and engaging in conversations about the gendered world we encounter every day. … Continue reading Like Neutrois Nonsense on Facebook

Necker Cube Androgyny


What I find fascinating is that, when presented with missing information, given a lack of evidence, or even evidence to the contrary, people desperately cling to their initial assumptions. And nothing is more unshakeable than the gender assumption. Rarely have people corrected themselves (at least in front of me) from making what they deemd was an “erroneous” gender assumption. And when they do, it is … Continue reading Illusions

Philadelphia Trans Health Conference 2012, Post-Op

Non-Binary Transition Presentation Success! Aside from not being able to plug in my computer for the colorful presentation I had prepared – which also meant my notes were a bit thrown off – it went rather smoothly I think. Overall turnout exceeded my expectations; I estimate there were 60-100 people (it’s really hard to tell, but the crowd was sizable, and not the empty room … Continue reading Philadelphia Trans Health Conference 2012, Post-Op