How do I deal with dysphoria?

A few people recently asked me this. There is no one way I deal/t with dysphoria, it’s more of a combination of methods depending on the situation. Here are some ideas that came to mind. Ignore it. Like a nagging and pesky fly, try to forget about it. For instance, I’ll shield myself from a stranger’s gender assumptions, brush it off, tell myself that it … Continue reading How do I deal with dysphoria?

Reader Ramblings: There’s No T in Top Surgery

Well, I’m a 33 year old female bodied but trans identifying person. I am seriously considering top surgery, but have no desire to ever go on T. My question: If you don’t mind me asking, and please forgive me if I am being rude, what were your chest measurements, cup size, I suppose it is called, before the surgery? I can find so many post-op … Continue reading Reader Ramblings: There’s No T in Top Surgery

Neutrois - My Gender is a Puzzle


My Gender After 6 months of blogging all about gender here at Neutrois Nonsense, I realized I haven’t really bothered to explain my gender – Neutrois. Sure, there are definitions and lists here or there, but I have yet to delve into why that’s me, why this label fits me, and why I found myself when I found this word. There are differences between being … Continue reading Neutrois

Carnival of Aces: Relationships

This is the round-up post for August’s Carnival of Aces. This month’s theme was relationships, and we had a wide range of participants and posts. The Finalists Guess what? Everybody made the cut! (Ok, it was never a competition to begin with, but now you can’t say you’ve never won anything). Here’s the rundown, in alphabetical order: Ace Eccentric (from an Asexual Space) questions what’s … Continue reading Carnival of Aces: Relationships

Carnival of Aces: Not Interested

This is my submission for the Carnival of Aces. Not Interested I don’t often frequent bars or clubs, and I don’t have many single friends that do either (nor many single friends at that). But in the rare occasions when I have been in a circle of acquaintances, all of whom are slightly straight and somewhat single, and interested in going to a bar or … Continue reading Carnival of Aces: Not Interested

Comment Party!

Celebrate! This blog has hit a major milestone: 250 comments! It’s an arbitrary number that looks arbitrarily large, so it sounds like a good enough excuse to celebrate! Share! I love hearing people’s thoughts – in fact, if I had a super power it would be mind-reading (among other things). In lieu of that, why don’t you share your thoughts voluntarily? That’s right, post a … Continue reading Comment Party!

Carnival of Aces: Call for Submissions

Welcome! It seems that time has caught up with me, and it’s now my turn to host the monthly Carnival of Aces here at Neutrois Nonsense. First off, “a blog carnival is an event in which many people write blog posts around a single theme.” You can read more about this particular carnival (and its history) at Sciatrix’s Masterpost, which includes previous and future hosting … Continue reading Carnival of Aces: Call for Submissions

Rainbow Tacos

Castro-Mission I live in the Castro-Mission neighborhood in San Francisco. To anyone familiar with the area, you immediately know what kind of neighbors I have. For those who don’t, here’s the rundown. The Castro The Castro is synonymous with Gay. Like, really really gay. It’s the birthplace of Harvey Milk’s movement, as I am reminded when I walk by the famous camera shop, newly occupied … Continue reading Rainbow Tacos

Reader Ramblings: On (Not) Coming Out

I recently added an Ask box to the blog – you might want to check it out. In the meantime, we have our first brave volunteer, who ignited a long rambling in my head which I’ve concisely bundled into a hopefully coherent rambling here. Question I just was curious as to how you first declared to your family and friends you were neutrois. I am … Continue reading Reader Ramblings: On (Not) Coming Out