Carnival of Aces: Relationships

This is the round-up post for August’s Carnival of Aces. This month’s theme was relationships, and we had a wide range of participants and posts.

The Finalists

Guess what? Everybody made the cut! (Ok, it was never a competition to begin with, but now you can’t say you’ve never won anything). Here’s the rundown, in alphabetical order:

Have fun reading all of these diverse perspectives and takes on the theme of relationships. Please comment on the posts and let others know what you think (or didn’t think of), and leave your meta-comment here on what you thought of the carnival.

The next round of Carnivalesque Aceness goes on to Ace Eccentric at An Asexual Space.

11 thoughts on “Carnival of Aces: Relationships

  1. Hi Maddox,

    Just wanted to give you a heads up that the Harpyness post and the post at my blog (Hypomnemata) are actually the same.


    1. Corrected – I was wondering why the title sounded familiar. I’m trying to keep this updated while I work and do a thousand other things, so please please let me know if I mess anything up!

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