Featured Voices: Back to Myself

In this Featured Voices theme, our guest authors share their Inspiration: the catalyst, the motivator, the fire behind a gender that doesn’t seem to exist in the world. For Alyx, inspiration came in the form of a gender role model, but only after a winding introspective journey of coming out. Winding My Way Back to Myself It’s funny — when I first saw this theme about gender role … Continue reading Featured Voices: Back to Myself

Part 3: Social, Medical, and Legal Non-Binary Transition

Part 3 of Non-Binary Transition covers the details involved in Social, Medical, and Legal transition, focusing on the unique challenges faced by non-binary individuals. It also covers what providers can do to support their clients/patients in their practice, as well as a Bonus section featuring questions by participants. Continue reading Part 3: Social, Medical, and Legal Non-Binary Transition

2 years

Today I got an automated email. It’s been 2 years from today since I started blogging at http://neutrois.me. I never imagined everything that would come of it: intimate exploration of my identity, exposing my transition very publicly, speaking at workshops and participating in panels, traveling to conferences across the US, meeting trans advocates from all over the world, and connecting with a community who is … Continue reading 2 years