Where does one color end, and the other begin?

Orange Red, Red Orange: Intersecting Identities

Remaining stealth is important to many bloggers for a variety of reasons, and I frequently refer to my inclination for semi-anonymity. But lately it has become increasingly difficult to keep all of my identities in check, neatly compartmentalized and perpendicularly aligned, as my lives intersect in many ways. Whenever I have to give out my “real” name to someone – by “real” I usually mean … Continue reading Orange Red, Red Orange: Intersecting Identities

How do I deal with dysphoria?

A few people recently asked me this. There is no one way I deal/t with dysphoria, it’s more of a combination of methods depending on the situation. Here are some ideas that came to mind. Ignore it. Like a nagging and pesky fly, try to forget about it. For instance, I’ll shield myself from a stranger’s gender assumptions, brush it off, tell myself that it … Continue reading How do I deal with dysphoria?

Carnival of Aces: Relationships

This is the round-up post for August’s Carnival of Aces. This month’s theme was relationships, and we had a wide range of participants and posts. The Finalists Guess what? Everybody made the cut! (Ok, it was never a competition to begin with, but now you can’t say you’ve never won anything). Here’s the rundown, in alphabetical order: Ace Eccentric (from an Asexual Space) questions what’s … Continue reading Carnival of Aces: Relationships