Part 3: Social, Medical, and Legal Non-Binary Transition

Part 3: Social, Medical, Legal Transition

The final installment of Non-Binary Transition covers the details involved in Social, Medical, and Legal transition, focusing on the unique challenges faced by non-binary individuals. We also go over what providers can do to support their clients/patients in their practice.

As with the previous two parts, here are the slides and speaker notes. If you need a refresher, use the link below to access all the materials covering the entire series.

Bonus: Queue the Questions

During the workshop there were a lot of interesting questions or comments from participants, as well as thoughtful responses from fellow providers in the audience. I decided to edit and include these separately as a supplemental segment.

Of course, since the questions weren’t scripted, there are no slides or notes. However, I did attempt to paraphrase what was being said with text placards, especially since a few of the questions are inaudible. You are always welcome to email me with questions.

Spread it like peanut butter.

This specific workshop was tailored for providers, which means it’s perfect to share with your doctor or therapist or family member. You can also hand it off to your local support group, fellow trans friends, allies, teachers, cousins, grandparents, hair stylist, anyone who you feel would benefit from learning a little more about gender.

Thank you for watching!

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Enjoyed the workshop? Want to see more information like this? This is only a slice of the knowledge about non-binary transition I am planning to compile and distribute.

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