Transgender Conference Tour, round 2013

Flights: purchased. Hotels: booked. Bags: packed. Well not yet… That’s right, for the second year in a row I’m making my rounds through all 3 major transgender conferences in the US this summer. Philadelphia Trans Health Conference From June 13-15, I get my first summer dunk into trans immersion at Philly Trans Health, Or as I like to call it, my yearly excuse to visit … Continue reading Transgender Conference Tour, round 2013


Goodbye 2012, and what a year it was. The things I accomplished in 2012 go way beyond anything I ever intended or imagined. (The only reason 2011 has a leg up is because I had top surgery at the beginning of that year, and that is still the biggest milestone in my life.) Let’s do a quick recap. Started, then stopped, then started, then stopped … Continue reading 2012

Philadelphia Trans Health Conference 2012, Post-Op

Non-Binary Transition Presentation Success! Aside from not being able to plug in my computer for the colorful presentation I had prepared – which also meant my notes were a bit thrown off – it went rather smoothly I think. Overall turnout exceeded my expectations; I estimate there were 60-100 people (it’s really hard to tell, but the crowd was sizable, and not the empty room … Continue reading Philadelphia Trans Health Conference 2012, Post-Op

Testosterone, part 1

The Curiosity For the past few weeks I’ve been doing a bit of research regarding testosterone. I don’t know what prompted this seemingly sudden interest in T, but perhaps this lingering curiosity is a telltale sign of something else. The Basics Here’s a testosterone primer for those in the not-know. (Note: There are a lot more resources that explain this much more in depth, which … Continue reading Testosterone, part 1