Transgender Conference Tour, round 2013

Flights: purchased. Hotels: booked. Bags: packed. Well not yet…

That’s right, for the second year in a row I’m making my rounds through all 3 major transgender conferences in the US this summer.

Philadelphia Trans Health Conference

From June 13-15, I get my first summer dunk into trans immersion at Philly Trans Health, Or as I like to call it, my yearly excuse to visit Philadelphia.

Philly Phave
Philly Phave

Once again I’ll be presenting my Non-Binary Transition Workshop, except this year it’s divided into two workshops: the first is a straightforward lecture, and right after there’s a whole 90 other minutes dedicated to pure discussion.

Moreover, I’ll be pulling double duty with the Asexy panel. The panelists have been gathered, though the topics are still up in the air. Our intent is to cover a range of issues, such as the asexuality 101, intersection of trans/ace identities, relationships, significant others, and whatever else the audience comes up with.

Gender Spectrum

GenderFabulous at Gender Spectrum 2012, by Lauren Quock -
GenderFabulous at Gender Spectrum 2012, by Lauren Quock –

As a volunteer, there’s a lot to keep me busy for the full two days of Gender Spectrum in Berkeley, from July 12-14. I’ll be moderating workshops, translating brochures, and live translating some the of talks. The latter is by far the most exhausting, since you’re not only attentively listening, you’re also actively processing the content then repeating it back in a different language! But without this service, the conference would not otherwise be accessible to the many parents who attend who only speak Spanish.

Technically I wasn’t going to present at Gender Spectrum, since I did not submit a proposal this year. But my friend Zander invited me to be in panel about “gainfully employed transgender adults.” Yeah, parents need a lot of reassurance their kids are going to turn out ok, and this is especially true when their kid is trans. Hopefully I’m a shining example of “turning out OK” (even though my mother doesn’t entirely realize this yet).

Gender Odyssey

Last stop: Seattle, August 1-4.

Seriously, this is the only thing I saw in Seattle.
Seriously, this is the only thing I saw in Seattle.

Again, not one but two Non-Binary Transition workshop slots, along with the Asexy panel, which I have yet to find panelists for. (Yikes! If you are asexy – trans or not – and would like to participate, please email me!)

By the time GO rolled around last year, I was two conferences down and completely pooped. With my significant lovely traveling, I was left alone to face the ghastly flu that befell me during one of the conferences, a mere two weeks before GO. On top of that, two days before flying out I got an unofficial job offer. Needless to say, I was not looking forward to this last conference, which I begrudingly attended…

First time flying first class. It was a treat.
First time flying first class. It was a treat.

But boy was I in in for a delightful surprise! Not only did I end up having a blast, Gender Odyssey was exactly the kind of conference I needed at that time in my life.

The only downside was not having enough time to tour Seattle. So this year we’re taking the entire week to visit the area. And I can also leave the country now… Canada here I come!

With all that flying, I catch up on my reading.
With all that flying, I catch up on my reading.

While Gender Odyssey’s registration price might seem steep, they do offer need-based scholarships. Be sure to check out the GO blog that I’ve been slowly putting together, highlighting people’s experiences in previous conferences.

Say Hi!

My official rainbow cards. I should order another pack!
My official rainbow cards. I should order another pack!

Best of all, I get to see a lot of the new friends I’ve made online, and reconnect with the old ones (and meet their mothers too). Since everybody is spread out geographically, this is a really unique chance to meet everyone in person.

Remember to be on the look out for bright clothing on a short spunky person. And if you see me, please say hi!

13 thoughts on “Transgender Conference Tour, round 2013

  1. I just got back to my desk after my daily visit to Wawa, and I knew you had to be talking about my city when I saw the picture on the top of your post! It sounds like a very interesting conference.

    1. Yes, youre itty bitty is a little too little right now for travelling. But you’ll have enough time to go to one of these in the future!

  2. Where in Canada are you planning on visiting? There’s an amazing ferry service from Seattle to Victoria, and while I may be biased because I live here, Victoria is absolutely beautiful!

    1. We have the trip all planned out: Vancouver –> Whale Tour Ferry to Victoria –> Hydroplane to Seattle
      Talk about traveling in style!

      Yes, Victoria is beautiful, I went there 10 years ago and can’t wait to go back. Hope you can make it out to Seattle for GO.

  3. Oh wow! I didn’t even know there were such things in this world. I am really new to the whole trans life, well, I guess I’ve always been this way, but I am finally accepting of myself. It’s really cool to know that they have workshops like this! I am trying desperately to find a community where I will be accepted and that is really hard, but I feel like it is something that I need! Thanks for the info!

    1. At some point we were all new to the trans community. I had no idea they had conferences about this sort of thing either! Spread the word, and someone else might find themselves.

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