Transgender Conference Tour, round 2013

Flights: purchased. Hotels: booked. Bags: packed. Well not yet… That’s right, for the second year in a row I’m making my rounds through all 3 major transgender conferences in the US this summer. Philadelphia Trans Health Conference From June 13-15, I get my first summer dunk into trans immersion at Philly Trans Health, Or as I like to call it, my yearly excuse to visit … Continue reading Transgender Conference Tour, round 2013

Philadelphia Trans Health Conference

Non-Binary Transition Workshop

Great news! I’m going on a tour of sorts to a few Transgender Conferences this summer. So far 2 out of 3 workshop proposals have been accepted, and I’m waiting to hear on the last one (fingers crossed). Workshop The workshop is titled Non-Binary Transition: Exploring the Options. Blurb So you’re genderqueer/non-binary, but you’re tired of talking – you want to DO something about it. … Continue reading Non-Binary Transition Workshop

Ex-Gay Everywhere

What is Ex-Gay Therapy? Briefly, it’s a harmful way of convincing (nay, fooling) someone gay or queer that they can change their sexual attraction and/or gender identity and live a societally sanctioned heterosexual lifestyle. It’s been proven by a multitude of professional and medical associations to be more than just harmful for the person undergoing “help” – results vary from going on to lead an … Continue reading Ex-Gay Everywhere

Philadelphia Trans Health Conference

Pack your bags! Just a heads up that the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference is coming up soon on June 2, 3, and 4 2011. I highly recommend this conference to everyone – young, old, trans*, pre/post transition, transitioning, barely discovering, parents, allies, health providers, future health providers, students, kids, even your dog (ok, maybe not your dog) – everyone! Here’s why you should most definitely … Continue reading Philadelphia Trans Health Conference

In the News: Degrassi

You can read the whole article on the GLAAD Blog: Peabody Awards Honor Groundbreaking Degrassi Episodes. Hinging on the article though, I’ll take it as an opportunity to tell you about a groundbreaking occurrence in TV history. If you’re like me, you own a TV only to stream Netflix from it, and don’t actually watch anything on Cable, or live in another continent, you might … Continue reading In the News: Degrassi

Funding for Transgender Surgery

The Jim Collins Foundation I found The Jim Collins Foundation on my usual internet browsing sprees. It might be useful to some of you, so I thought I’d pass it on. (Disclaimer: I have no knowledge of who they are, what they do, who they serve, or how they operate. I’m just passing on a link). From their site: The Jim Collins Foundation raises … Continue reading Funding for Transgender Surgery

SEPTA’s Gender Discrimination posted an article yesterday informing of SEPTA’s decision to continue their use of gender markers on monthly transpasses for the next three years. Check out the full article for a bit of background on the issue and more information, and be sure to sign the petition. SEPTA Who? For those of you who don’t know, SEPTA is the SouthEastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority – ie, … Continue reading SEPTA’s Gender Discrimination

International Women’s Day

Today (March 8th) was International Women’s Day. In efforts to stay on track and on schedule, here’s the related news clipping from GLAAD Blog where “the Transgender Law Center shares a story about Dawn, a transgender women, and her struggles of working in a male-dominated field.” Why should we take a day to celebrate half the population? Why should we take an entire day to … Continue reading International Women’s Day

In the News: “The Road To Transgender Equality is Long. Help Shorten It”

Today’s post on, titled “The Road To Transgender Equality is Long. Help Shorten It” explains how transgender people are still facing more discrimination than even gays. there’s new evidence that the “T” has seen the least progress of the other three letters of that oft-used acronym While I am privileged enough to have never faced harsh discrimination for being trans, gay, or queer, I … Continue reading In the News: “The Road To Transgender Equality is Long. Help Shorten It”