Funding for Transgender Surgery

The Jim Collins Foundation

I found The Jim Collins Foundation on my usual internet browsing sprees. It might be useful to some of you, so I thought I’d pass it on. (Disclaimer: I have no knowledge of who they are, what they do, who they serve, or how they operate. I’m just passing on a link).

From their site:

The Jim Collins Foundation raises money to fund gender-confirming surgeries for those transgender people who need surgery to live a healthy life, but have no ability to pay for it themselves. We recognize that for those people who require surgery for a healthy gender transition, lack of access to surgery may result in hopelessness, depression, and sometimes, suicide.

I couldn’t figure out if they accept applications from non-binary transgender people, but if it’s not specified that is probably a good sign. Also, you do need to provide a medical reference “from a licensed medical provider, social worker, or psychotherapist. If you are not currently receiving medical or mental health care, please describe your ability to access this professional letter.”

Does anyone know more about this, or know someone who has been through this organization? I’d welcome your thoughts on this or other similar resources.

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