Top 10

Having hit almost 75 posts, I compiled a list of the top 10 posts from this blog. “Top” was defined by me to be most viewed posts of all time. Pages were excluded, so the About page, while awesome and popular, doesn’t count, but you should still read it. And as much as I wanted to just pick my favorites and leave it at that, I didn’t. Without further ado, here’s the list.

Top 10

  1. Binders Review
  2. Post Surgical Depression
  3. An Asexual/Sexual Relationship
  4. Gender Spectrum Conference
  5. The Numbers Game
  6. Not Trans Enough
  7. Top Surgery Update: 5 Months Post-Op
  8. A Neutrois Introduction to Pronouns
  9. In the News: Degrassi
  10. Coming Out: The Plan

If you haven’t read them, you have some catching up to do. If you have, go back and re-read them, you might take away something new, or just reminisce on good ol’ times. And leave your thoughts behind.

Your Favorites

Finally, suggest YOUR favorite posts, from this blog, or any similarly related blog. Yes, even yours. So, this is your chance to share your inspiration, spread knowledge, and blatantly self promote. Go!

2 thoughts on “Top 10

  1. As a fairly new reader, there’s a lot there I haven’t read yet, and reading through some of the older ones I’ve missed some good stuff!!! I think one of my favourites off of the list is “Not Trans Enough.” As to my favourite blog post of all time…. that would take some serious thinking…

  2. Love the blog. I, too, would pick “Not trans enough”: I learned about The Script when I first met other TS folk, and realised I did not fit it. And that was OK, eventually, after a lot of soul-searching. I loved to hear about the conference, I am so glad that parents of trans kids get together and support each other.

    I wondered if you would care to plug some organisations outside the US. In the UK the main national organisation for transfolk is Press for Change, and specifically for Christians I recommend The Sibyls: over several weekends away, in evening gowns over several bottles of wine late at night I sorted my head out with the Sibyls.

    Oh, and why Nonsense? It alliterates, and has some positive connotations: “Who wants to play the Captain Sensible”, “Stop making sense”. If you really want to alliterate, five minutes with my Thesaurus produces “Nimble-witted Neutrois”, which fits. I am sure other things would.

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