Comment Party!


This blog has hit a major milestone: 250 comments! It’s an arbitrary number that looks arbitrarily large, so it sounds like a good enough excuse to celebrate!


I love hearing people’s thoughts – in fact, if I had a super power it would be mind-reading (among other things). In lieu of that, why don’t you share your thoughts voluntarily?

That’s right, post a comment! Any comment. Browse some old posts and tell me what you think of it, what it made you think of, or realize, or see in yourself or others, the first thing that came to your mind, something you’d like to read more about, other useful advice and tangential realizations, etcetera etcetera. It can be anything, really. Even a simple “hey I read your blog sometimes and I like it” or “I’m transgender too” or “I like my eggs sunny side up” or “my favorite Pokemon is Pikachu too!” or even “I think this is mediocre but for some reason I’m still here reading this” (ok, I’d much rather prefer not to read that, but if that’s what you’re thinking then go ahead and tell me).

So take this opportunity to break out of your shy, lurker (possibly mutant turtle) shell, or let out your already extroverted opinionated mind once again, and write something!

Come out of your turtle shell
don't be shy, come out of your turtle shell

8 thoughts on “Comment Party!

  1. Swergen bergen. I don’t know.I just felt like being rather random with that.I really like your blog and it kind of makes me feel that the things I want as a person identifying as neutrois I can actually get.Someday I suppose.

  2. Your blog is awesome. As far as I can tell, there are no openly neutrois people in my country, your blog kind of makes me feel less alone.

  3. Thanks all for your great comments! I need inspiration like this sometimes.

    Stop by more often, even if it’s just to say hi, I always appreciate it!

  4. I guess I’ve been lurking some, even though I know how much comments are appreciated. D= Sorry! I am commenting now, and I shall attempt to do so in the future. However, I don’t always have easy access to Interwebs, which fails, but that’s okay. =P Love the blog! Keep it up! =]

  5. Hey, thanks for following my blog! I love your writing and I’m glad your blog is hitting these milestones! Rock on! đŸ˜›

  6. Actually, the blog is very close to hitting 350 comments now, which means that about one month there were almost 100 more!

    I just love to read other people’s thoughts, because they usually bring up points that I hadn’t considered, or just give me and others the reassurance we need to keep going.

    Each and every comment is very much appreciated.

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