A Pronouncement on Pronouns

The Primer Not quite 3 months ago, I started Testosterone, and my reasons, while took forever to congeal, were clear: I’d much rather be perceived as not-female than as female. Which leads me to the only other option: being perceived as male. The key word is perceived, and that takes two. Taking hormones is a physical means of making my body more androgynous. But physical … Continue reading A Pronouncement on Pronouns

Not Trans Enough

She Recently I have the elusive opportunity to “start over” with an entirely new group of people. I’ve already been introduced by my not-so-temporary shortened name, which doesn’t seem to fool anyone – they always ask if it’s short for “feminine name” and then comment on how it’s a strange way of shortening it. I’ve also been introduced as, or assumed to be, “she.” But … Continue reading Not Trans Enough

A Neutrois Introduction to Pronouns

This comes as a direct follow-up to A Neutrois Introduction to Society. I suggest you read that first to get on comfortable bearings. Here’s a quick recap: Pronouns are just the tip of the iceberg – it’s what people can see, even though most of that chunk of ice is underwater. Why am I so concerned about pronouns, when the real issue is that of … Continue reading A Neutrois Introduction to Pronouns