Featured Voices Theme: Hormones


Medical transition seems to be an especially thorny issue for nonbinary identities. From navigating healthcare providers, myths and misconceptions, to simply the limits of medical science, it almost always involves compromise. My own rollercoaster journey with hormones is a testament to the indecision that can plague us in search for a more authentic physical and social presentation.

I'm on YouTube again. Compare this with the first video.

The inaugural theme for Featured Voices, Top Surgery, received a huge response. The submissions ranged from long-time bloggers to first-time writers, spanning the uniquely personal to broader social critiques. I especially appreciated those stories in content and style entirely unlike my own, pieces that I would never consider seeking or publishing. Yet these resonated most deeply with readers, proving once again that diversity extends beyond superficial qualities.

So I extend the invitation to you – dear nonbinary community – to share with us your hormonal story of past, present, and future. Anybody of any gender identity is welcome.


As the vision for FV has evolved, I’ve ironed out some details that everyone asks about.


  1. You can submit a blog post, a video, a comic strip – anything that tells a story.
  2. No word count or length, whatever you feel is appropriate for a “blog post.”
  3. Add a short 1-3 sentence bio with any links to your site. Yes, you can use a pseudonym.
  4. Include photos or images that represent the text. These do not have to be of you, they can be of your surroundings, or stock photos. If you skip this step, you may tempt me to choose super embarrassing stock photos for you.
  5. No hard deadline, but the sooner the better. The themes haven’t quite been running monthly; it’s mostly until I run out of posts.

I especially encourage anyone who hasn’t told their story before to email me with a draft or simply an idea.


You may be wondering whether you missed the Inspiration summary of posts. You did not! From now on, I am separating the summary post and the new theme announcement post to make it easier to browse the archives.

You may also be wondering why I am using nonbinary instead of non-binary. While there is no “correct” term, an informal twitter poll confirmed my hunch that we are slowly in favor of dropping the hyphen. (Don’t worry, I’ll continue to use it liberally and inappropriately with multi-faceted pompously-aggrandized words.)



10 thoughts on “Featured Voices Theme: Hormones

  1. This is SO relevant to my life! I finally decided to try out low-dose T, I get my first shot this week, and I have all kinds of feelings…can’t wait to read this month’s posts.

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