NN Readership Results


Micah is…

…equal parts “Awesomesauce” and “Eloquent, articulate.”


My thesaurus skills are a work in progress, although I absolutely adore alliterations.
Your creative contributions:
  • dapper
  • entertaining
  • full of delicious self-confidence and fire [it’s all a façade]
  • a brain stimulating bundle of hope
  • a bunch of words on my computer screen most of the time from my perspective
  • a nerd [hahaha so true 😂😂😂]
  • a rather charming blog host
  • and why isn’t “modest” an option? 😉 [because modesty is just one of my many amazing attributes]
  • in need of a hug if we ever meet 😃
Handsomeness at breakfast. Handsomeness at lunch. Handsomeness a bunch.


I am shameless for linking to my Patreon. But I just had to! Oh, the shame, the shame!


The math on this one is… let’s say, interesting.

To the 215 people spreading the word like peanut butter: your mere presence in my life counts just as much. The 20% of “Other” responders frequently mentioned being unable to afford a donation. Please, take care of yourself and your loved ones first. I am just the cherry on top; a kind word or two is plenty to sweeten the deal.

And to my current 42 St. Patrons of the Nonsense: there will never be enough words.

What is your Personality Type?

Too late I realized that I forgot to ask this very important question, so leave your answer in the comments. You can also take a at guess mine.

Anything else you’re dying to tell me?

Ahh, my favorite part of the whole survey. In this section you gushed in all your glory about me. And I do love it when you love me. But seriously, the love is what keeps me going. If you remember the very beginning of this post, I have been needing to connect with my community of lovers.

A few preciously selected gems:
  • Keep going. Young people need to see adults successfully navigating the world.
  • I am also a very cautious person so I find your advice very trustworthy and intelligent.
  • You made things click for me.
  • If this dark place is a closet, where’s the damn doorknob? 
  • I think there are so many nonbinary and genderqueer people in the world confused about their identities who just need to stumble across a few good articles to make them question their assumptions about themselves. Just know that your blog is making a difference. [not crying, not crying…]
  • I wish you’d do more personal posts but I don’t blame you for thickening the fourth wall. [Ah vulnerability how I despise thee. Thanks for the honesty.]
  • Do FtM’s play guitar? it’s compulsory for trans women. [No, FtMs play the drums. NBs play the ukelele or the harmonica.] 
  • I love being a non-binary person!! [It can be amazing and liberating.]
  • I don’t feel judged reading your writing like I have elsewhere. [Thanks, I try really hard to see everyone’s point of view. If I ever do slip up, be kind about it.]
  • You look cute and queer and I love you [You forgot cuddly!]
  • This is the most amusing and friendly survey I’ve ever done.

THIS is what makes me want to wake up in the morning. THIS is what makes me sit down and start reading, researching, emailing, writing, thinking, feeling the pain of those who need help and the relief of those who’ve gone through it. THIS is the heart keeping everything alive. So yeah, now I get to gush about all of you.

And to all the “made me feel like I’m not alone” comments, there were 500+ people who filled out the same survey you did. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.


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