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Gender Descriptor

Statistics love simplicity and I am not very good at statistics. Thus options were deliberately limited.


  • 75% – Non-binary / Genderqueer
  • 14% – Trans man / FtM
  • 5% – Questioning
  • 5% – Cisgender
  • 2% – Trans woman / MtF
  • 100% – hate boxes

Gender Identity

I asked my wife, “How should I analyze gender identity?” She gave me her sideways glance before replying

“Oh boy, you’re asking the question of the century.”

My readers comprised over 300 unique identities! Forgive me for trying.

Everybody's Gender!
Genders Everywhere!
Out of 503 responders, a rough keyword search revealed:
  • 142 – NonBinary (28%)
  • 119 – Agender (24%)
  • 78  – Trans (15%)
  • 73  – Male (14%)
  • 66  – Genderqueer (13%)
  • 43  – Neutrois (9%)
  • 42  – Genderfluid (8%)
  • 41  – Masculine (8%)
  • 34  – Female (7%)


The only straight part of this number crunching.

  • Average: 25.5
  • Mode: 18
  • Min: 14
  • Max: 59 (actually, there was one 60+)


Interesting tidbit: Excluding all Tumblr followers, the average age is 30.

It finally looks pretty. Data be damned.

Race / Ethnicity

I refused to do a category grouping because this is an inherently diverse category. Moreover, as a “White Jewish Mexican living in the US” I always feel excluded by the options. Given the free-form answers, the analysis is not entirely accurate.

Approximately 85% of readers categorized themselves as White. Among the other categories mentioned: Asian (15%), Latinx (4%), Mixed (4%), Black (2%), Native (1%), Persian, Arab, Indian.

Country of Residence

I believe the resources available to you are highly dependent on where you live more than on where you are from. Also, I assume everyone speaks English, otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to fill out the survey.

Country of Residence
  • 64% in US
  • 9% in UK
  • 7% in Canada
  • 4% in Australia
  • 16% in the rest of the world

Other countries: Japan, France, Germany, Denmark, nomadic, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Finland, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, Bulgaria, Mexico, Turkey, Russia, Spain, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Ireland, South Africa, Portugal, Taiwan, Greece, Argentina, Switzerland.

That pretty much covers every continent except Antartica, because let’s face it, penguins don’t speak English.


Now here is a field with diversity! It was really cool to read through these.

Now, a non-exhaustive list of the different ways you all are fabulous:
  • Students (40%): middle school, high school, college / uni, masters, PhD
  • Artists: Illustrator, Graphic Designer, UI Designer, DJ Music Producer, Photographer, Tattoo Artist, Comic Book Artist, Clarinetist, Writer, YA Author, Video Editor, Filmmaker
  • Assorted Teachers and Educators: pre-K, middle school, high school, ESL, sex ed, college
  • Engineer: Electrical, Chemical, Computer, Systems, Software
  • IT: Developer, Technician, Consultant
  • Health related: Nurse, Therapist, Counselor, Massage, Healthcare Manager
  • Caretaker: Childcare, Elderly, Personal Care Assistant
  • Librarian: Technician, Assistant, Staff, Volunteer, Digital Archivist
  • Volunteer
  • Scientists
  • Researchers, Academic, Faculty, PhDs
  • Non-Profits, as well as Peon / Corporate America
  • Zoologist, Lawyer, Office Cleaner, Analyst, Scientist, Farmer, Baker, Stay at home Mum / Dad / Parent, Humanitarian Aid, Raft Guide, Factory Worker, Janitor, Barista, Security, Retail, Paralegal, Eighth Grader,  Homemaker, Customer Support, Regulatory Affairs Officer, Federal Government, Hotel Clerk, Wish I Knew (me too!), Grocery Bagger, Project Manager, Line Cook, Accountant, Theater, Construction, Environmental Consultant, Corporate Proposal Writer, Architect, Marketing, Police Officer.


My favorite (which I am totally stealing): House Spouse!

Active in offline LGBTQ community

While trans content floods the internet streams at an increasing speed, there is something remarkable about meeting “your people” in person. I wanted to know how many of you are out there educating and/or seeking support from your local community (42% of you are).

Active LGBTQ Offline?
Most of the 20% of folks who said “Other” specified they:
  • go to support groups
  • volunteer for local queer charities
  • live too far away
  • don’t feel included (for non-binary identity, or intersectional identities like race, disability)
  • would like to, but have social anxiety around this or are not out yet
  • used to be in the past
  • have lots of queer friends

In what ways have you transitioned?

I’ve approached my identity with a heavy focus on transition and the more practical aspects of being trans. I consider transition to be any step you take to feel comfortable in your gender/self.

Have you transitioned?
Have you transitioned?
About 75% have transitioned in some way, including:
  • social (about 50%)
  • coming out to close friends or family
  • name change
  • pronouns
  • binding
  • growing out or cutting their hair
  • new clothing
  • hormones: testosterone, estrogen, low dose
  • had or seeking top surgery
  • legal name and/or gender change (despite no third option)
  • orchiectomy
  • hysterectomy
  • “does putting my gender up on facebook count?” [yes, of course!]

Every single step matters this very personal process of self-discovery.

Age vs Transition: The age distribution of those who transition is mostly equal across age groups, with a slight increase in the 20-40 range.

What has been the most challenging part (of transition)?

Here’s a summary, with a few bittersweet quotes.

  • Dysphoria
  • Afraid that I’m making a mistake
  • Am I making this all up?
  • Feeling like I’m “enough”
  • Being patient / Waiting
  • Figuring out what I want and asking for it
  • Feeling confident in my decisions
  • Accepting that I was trans and could/should transition
  • Hardly any role models / most narratives about transition don’t relate to me
  • Trying not to police self-identity
  • Electrolysis (it’s painful!)
  • How my sexuality relates to my gender
  • Staying in the closet out of fear
  • Finding information
  • Feeling safe
  • Trusting others
  • “Keeping hold of who I am”
  • “Fighting with wanting to be who I want to be vs. remaining what society prefers and will accept.”

Dealing With the World
  • Telling my partner
  • Dating!
  • Coming out to my parents
  • Family acceptance
  • Not being hurt by those I’m not out to
  • Getting misgendered 
  • Lack of understanding and acceptance from others
  • Losing a good friend
  • Being out at work
  • Getting people to use neutral pronouns
  • Unsupportive doctors
  • Access to medical transition
  • Changing documents
  • Gendered language (non-English)
  • Bigoted people
  • Money / Insurance

If there were a book titled “A Guide To Transition”, would you buy it?

Once I manage to burst through this incapacitating bubble of self-doubt to healthfully nurture my delusions of grandeur, I plan to write a book. Wonder what it’ll be about…

At least now I can pitch to future potential publishers that 300/500 people said they’d buy this book! On that note, if anyone knows anything about writing and/or publishing books, drop me an email.

Continue to pg4: Epilogue —> 


7 thoughts on “NN Readership Results

  1. Thank you for doing this! I’m always doubtful, and your blog doesn’t give all the answers, but I still appreciate it greatly. Seeing all the educators/therapists/health people reading this gives me hope for what is being taught – what you’re teaching – to this and future generations of people. I’m an I/ENTP/J, enneagram 4w5.

  2. Personality type: INTJ, melancholy/choleric; don’t know enneagrams. I made my kids wait to go to the park while I read this. Was I really the ONLY lawyer?

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