NN Readership Results

This Blog and Its Readers

Total Readers Surveyed

Let’s start getting nerdy with how fast people filled out this survey.

Response rate over time

  • In 20 mins of posting on Tumblr, at 10pm on a Tuesday night, I got 20 responses. Very impressive Tumblr, very impressive.
  • In 24 hours it passed 260 responses, which is the total for the previous survey two years ago.
  • I closed the survey after a week, with 528 total responses.

Since this survey was targeted only at my readers, I didn’t promote it outside of my direct social media channels. I honestly did not expect to get this many responses!

so many of you!

Where do you follow NN?


  • 66% Tumblr
  • 38% WordPress
  • 36% Facebook
  • 7% Twitter

I appreciate that 5 non-regular readers took the time to fill out the survey. And the 3 of you who follow me on Instagram are either: very close personal friends who follow my private account, or SURVEY TROLLS! Or both.

Time Following NN

  • 16% less than 3 months
  • 26% quite a few months
  • 26% about a year
  • 25% over two years
  • 5% or 25 people following almost all 5 years (loyal troopers!)


If you add it up, over 50% have been following me for over a year. I was pleasantly surprised to find how many of you have stuck around for longer!

Number of followers

It’s time to disclose some numbers of my own, as a reward for making it through this data-dripping post thus far.

  • 1600+ subscribers on my main blog (neutrois.me)
  • 2600+ likes on FB Page
  • 1000+ followers on Twitter
  • 10.3K+ followers on Tumblr

Roughly 5% of total followers completed the survey.


Bonus Data Porn
  • 1M total all time views on main blog
  • 193 blog posts (this one is 194)
  • 4,000 Tumblr posts
  • 5 years blogging
  • 8 trans conferences
  • 1 inimitable Micah

Have you ever emailed me (for advice, a question, or a hug)?

Yes, 66 or 13% of respondents have personally gotten in touch. Those who requested a hug, I hope I delivered.

I’ve answered an estimated 1,000+ emails over five years. It’s evident that most inquiries are not from regular engaged followers like yourselves.

How/Where did you find my blog?

The most frequent answer was “I don’t remember” followed by Tumblr (30%) then Google (25%).

the mini's
vintage collectibles
Other sources
  • Everyday Feminism
  • Met me in person at Gender Odyssey or PTHC
  • Facebook group
  • YouTube
  • Reddit
  • WordPress
  • Word of mouth / Direct referral
Popular Searches that led you to this shining pot o’ gold
  • nonbinary transition
  • genderqueer resources
  • genderqueer hormone therapy
  • low dose testosterone
  • gender neutral top surgery
  • top surgery without testosterone
  • neutrois
  • agender
  • “gender that isn’t man or woman”
  • “I don’t feel like I have a gender”
  • asexuality

What other trans related blogs/sites do you read?

By a landslide, “too many to list.” Such an informed bunch!

In no particular order, with a stamp of pre-approval, the most Frequently Mentioned Blogs and Sites (FMBandS ®):


What topics are you most interested in reading about?

Quick Summary
A few of the “Other” fill-ins
  • How to feel confident that you can live life as yourself in a society where your identity isn’t really an option
  • I like when you post pictures and vlogs [I’m always hesitant]
  • Stories of other trans adults
  • News in trans rights [psst: follow my Tumblr!]
  • Non-binary identities and representation in the media
  • What comes “after” transition

All of these inspiring ideas engendered a new experiment for my blog, which will be revealed next week…

What are your most burning questions about gender and/or transition? /

What’s not out there? What articles, information, or resources would you like someone to create?

I purposefully included two semi-redundant questions to cover all possible answers. And oh boy did you deliver.

There were so many ideas, wants, needs, suggestions, propositions, complaints, digressions, and general sentiments, that I had to spin off a separate post for this section alone.

It’ll be released soon. Once it’s published I’ll include the link here.

Coming Soon: A Placeholder

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7 thoughts on “NN Readership Results

  1. Thank you for doing this! I’m always doubtful, and your blog doesn’t give all the answers, but I still appreciate it greatly. Seeing all the educators/therapists/health people reading this gives me hope for what is being taught – what you’re teaching – to this and future generations of people. I’m an I/ENTP/J, enneagram 4w5.

  2. Personality type: INTJ, melancholy/choleric; don’t know enneagrams. I made my kids wait to go to the park while I read this. Was I really the ONLY lawyer?

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