Reader Ramblings: Helping Yourself as a Partner

I need someone to talk to as this is a whole new experience for me. My girlfriend is trans, and I want to support her, but I’m not really sure how best to do that. I want to understand what she is going through, but I am also going through my own process. Her body is different (not bad, just different), and that’s an adjustment … Continue reading Reader Ramblings: Helping Yourself as a Partner

Reader Ramblings: SOFFAs (not couches)

My boyfriend is transgender, and he is currently planning to wait on T but wants to go ahead with top surgery. It was cool to see this blog because I only know two other transpeople and they both insisted that you need to be on T before top surgery. You seem so positive, and it’s refreshing to hear this. Many people talk about transitioning as … Continue reading Reader Ramblings: SOFFAs (not couches)

Carnival of Aces: Relationships

This is the round-up post for August’s Carnival of Aces. This month’s theme was relationships, and we had a wide range of participants and posts. The Finalists Guess what? Everybody made the cut! (Ok, it was never a competition to begin with, but now you can’t say you’ve never won anything). Here’s the rundown, in alphabetical order: Ace Eccentric (from an Asexual Space) questions what’s … Continue reading Carnival of Aces: Relationships