Parallel Worlds

Author’s Note: I wrote this piece for an upcoming anthology called Trans Bodies Trans Selves. The topic was being a trans immigrant, which I integrated with having non-binary gender. Enjoy! When my life officially began on April 23rd 1986 in Mexico City, Mexico, I was a girl. The doctor peeked between my legs and proclaimed it so. Nobody questioned it much, except me; silently, of … Continue reading Parallel Worlds

Legal Gender Change, the International Version

Last summer I sent an email to the Transgender Law Center and asked for referrals to a trans-friendly immigration lawyer in San Francisco. The lawyer I met with was very perceptive, super LGBT friendly. (It is always very affirming to walk into a place and not be afraid of being completely honest, and moreover be respected for who you are.) Mexico I was born in … Continue reading Legal Gender Change, the International Version

Rainbow Tacos

Castro-Mission I live in the Castro-Mission neighborhood in San Francisco. To anyone familiar with the area, you immediately know what kind of neighbors I have. For those who don’t, here’s the rundown. The Castro The Castro is synonymous with Gay. Like, really really gay. It’s the birthplace of Harvey Milk’s movement, as I am reminded when I walk by the famous camera shop, newly occupied … Continue reading Rainbow Tacos