2013 Milestones

January: Hysterectomy.

Didn’t have a period in 2013. Will never have one again. Sometimes I still cannot believe this is real.

February: Mexico City.

First time back home in Mexico after starting my transition. Although in my opinion I look pretty much the same today as I did the last time I’d been home, almost two years prior, I noticed a huge difference in how I was gendered (namely, 100% male).

Lost Luggage
Lost Luggage: SFO->Beijing->SFO->MEX

Luggage got sent to Beijing, where ironically my spouse was for work. My underwear must’ve been missing her. I had to borrow my brother’s clothes for 5 days, and ended up going on a little shopping trip with my mother, who for the first time ever did not even mention the fact that I was in the boy’s department. In fact, she picked out a nice hoodie for me. One tiny step forward, two steps back, progress does not always feel like progress.

Met with my lawyer to begin paperwork for the name and gender change on my birth certificate.

Jamison Green's "Becoming a Visible Man" was exactly what I needed to read
Jamison Green’s “Becoming a Visible Man” was exactly what I needed to read

April: My birthday.

My wifey’s first time in Disneyland/world/empire. My first visit to LA.


CA Driver’s License, with my new name and gender, finally arrived! This doesn’t mean I actually know how to drive… It took over a year and a half to get a CA ID due to delays while they “confirmed” my immigration status.

Before & After sex change on CA Driver's license
2011 vs 2013: Before & After the sex change.

June: Mexico City again.

Last minute trip for the court hearing for my new birth certificate. It was uneventful; I literally did not say a word. But I got to wear my fancy suit, eat lots of huevos rancheros (my favorite) and stress out because that’s what being with my family does to me.

Mexico City from above
Mexico City from above

June: Philadelphia Trans Health Conference.

Two days after getting back from Mexico, hopped on another nostalgia plane to Philly. Presented 3 workshops (all a huge success), met a lot of my readers in person (hi Jay!), and made new friends.

My Gender is Sexy

July: Gender Spectrum Conference.

Supported the Spanish-speaking families, it’s starting to feel like a small community now. Last minute guest on a medical panel with all the famous SRS surgeons, yikes.

August: Gender Odyssey Conference.

Another 3 wonderful workshops. Reconnected with old friends. Enjoyed a little trip through Canada too!

September: Mexico City, once more.

Mother in-law’s birthday celebration, wherein my sweetie and I made our first public appearance, getting introduced as her dashingly handsome boyfriend.

Wrangled an all-day transgender visibility conference, namely in support of a new law so that changing your gender on your birth certificate shouldn’t have to be such a big pain in the butt.


Signed and thumb-printed my new birth certificate.

Emotionally rattled by trying to navigate family’s acceptance.

October: Mexican birth certificate with my new name and gender arrives in the mail.

November: Final step in legal gender change.

Got my Mexican passport with my new name and gender! A very long story, where essentially I skipped a few steps to finally get my passport, while sweating rocks in the meantime. I would’ve been very, very, very screwed otherwise. On the bright side, I had to leave the country by the first week of January, which only meant: more vacation!

Eventually I’ll detail the lengthy process of changing my legal gender in Mexico.

On a plane, on the train! To DC, then a presentation at UDelaware. Spent Thanksgiving in LA and drove down to San Diego to watch the sunset.

Sunset in San Diego
Sunset in San Diego

December: Recovery.

My honey’s birthday. Thanksgivinukkahmas. Interviews with reporters. Writing my 31st post of the year! Staying home, trying to take it all in, process, and rest.

Other Yearly Milestones

  • 165th post on this blog
  • 1st year I didn’t quit my job
  • 3 years since having top surgery
  • 2 years since I started T
  • 1 year since my legal name and gender change in CA
  • 1 year since having a hysto
  • 1 month with my new passport
  • 7 years cuddling together with my sweetheart

Happy 2014!

7 thoughts on “2013 Milestones

  1. Beautiful post as well as a beautiful year for you and your sweetheart. Enjoy many happy and healthy years of cuddling together.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to both of you and all your readers!

  2. Wow. That’s a hell of a year!
    Congrats on your amazing journey, and thank you for sharing it so openly and honestly. Your strength, dignity and teaching are an inspiration.
    Happy New Year!

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