Carnival of Aces: Deadline Looms Near

In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, please catch up first.


I’m doing this college style, so you still have all day today to submit your post. I know I’m missing a few faces (names) on the roster, including mine. For those of you who have already submitted, a big thank you, you get extra credit (somehow)!

August 1st

Just a quick reminder that the Carnival of Aces for August begins August 1st – this Monday!

Get your submissions in before then so you can be featured in the round-up post. This way your wonderful marvelous insightful thoughts can be read and analyzed and commended throughout the ace-pheric blog-o-world by one and all.

If you’ve been too lazy (like me) to write something yet, even though this time you would be sure that you wouldn’t put it off till the last minute, again, then don’t despair – there’s still time! Enough time to get your mind out of the forums and rss feeds and start writing.

Let the creative juices flow!


I leave you with a pensive thought:

You know you’re asexual when:
in a thread of welcome emails, you’re half wanting / half expecting someone to say: “Welcome! Have some cake!”

Welcome to the Carnival of Aces! Have some cake!

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