Searching (and Finding)

It seems there’s a trend going around where people analyze and comment on the search terms which led inquiring minds to their blog. So I opened up my dashboard one morning and found, suprisingly, exactly what I’ve been looking for (and hopefully they found it too).

Search Engine Terms

That is, the keywords or phrases people typed in and clicked through to my blog. An unordered transcription of the image follows.

neutrois ftm transgender search terms

“look in the mirror”

… and you’ll see the wonderful person you are.

“neutrois pronouns”

You can read about my deliberations a while back, but the brief summary is that it remains inconclusive.

“ftm transgender binders”

Along with my extensive chest binders review, I’ve also commented on how oxymoronically liberating and constricting binding can be.

“transgender surgery”

Lots of ways to do this, lots of reasons to do this, or not do this. But yes, I’m transgender and I had surgery, and one of the main reasons I started the blog was to document it.

“ftm reconstructive chest surgery with double incision”

Yep, that’s what I had, although I’ve also written about how top surgery or reconstructive chest surgery is not just for FTMs.

“do you have to take t to get top surgery?”

No. No. NO! I’m here to prove it.

“in a relationship with an asexual”

Why yes we are, with me being the asexual and my wonderful partner being, well, the wonderful partner.

“how to turn hate around”

I wish I knew…. but I like to keep the dialogue open so we can maybe, someday, achieve this.

Onwards We Write

Of course, the search terms I see aren’t always that innocuous. When I’m writing I make a conscious effort to not include keywords I wouldn’t want to be linked to. However, that won’t stop me from writing what I need to write, or what you need to read. Keep ’em coming!

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