Searching (and Finding)

It seems there’s a trend going around where people analyze and comment on the search terms which led inquiring minds to their blog. So I opened up my dashboard one morning and found, suprisingly, exactly what I’ve been looking for (and hopefully they found it too). Search Engine Terms That is, the keywords or phrases people typed in and clicked through to my blog. An … Continue reading Searching (and Finding)

Binders Review

Given the interest in this topic, here’s the expanded blog post summarizing all my binding experiences, complete with pictures and giveaways! Just note that binding results are highly dependent not only on breast size but on body shape as well, so keep that in mind when you read this. Sports Bras Super Tight One-Size-Too-Small This was my first method. It was unconsciously my way of … Continue reading Binders Review

Top Surgery, part 2

(Because anything good always has seconds) Speaking of Seconds… A mere 7 days to go, 168 hours, 10,080 minutes, 604,800 seconds* (*approximations only) before I board a plane to my long-awaited destination. And as each day passes, the second-thoughts thoughts mellow. For second thoughts I have had more than just two. Among my ever pestering conundrums are: am I doing the right thing? should I … Continue reading Top Surgery, part 2