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Last week I wrote a Binders Review post, where I reviewed the different binders I have used, and then had a small giveaway as an attempt to help others who might appreciate a free binder. Unfortunately I’m only one person of one size with 5 binders, which means some people still need a binder.

Given the interest in the Binder Giveaway, I’ve compiled a list of sites that provide such services consistently, so that everyone who needs a binder can actually get one. All of these sites seem to have been fairly active within the last month or so. However, I’ve never actually gone through and purchased/donated/received anything, so I can’t vouch for any of them.

Big Brothers Used Binder Repository and Disbursement Program

You must meet strict qualification requirements in order to receive a binder. That is, you must prove that you need a binder (not just want it, need it) and that you absolutely cannot afford one. Remember, Underworks binders are only $30 – this is not an impossible amount to save up for most people. Based in the US.

FTM Garage Sale

People here are buying and selling general FTM articles, such as packers and binders. Seems to be US based.

Pay-It-Forward Binder program

From the site:

The Pay-It-Forward binder program is a used binder service that provides used donated binders to guys in the Australian and New Zealand region who need a chest binder and who are struggling financially or cannot obtain a binder through regular channels.
This can include students, Centrelink recipients, individuals who do not have their own income or do not have the support of their family to access binders.
This service is based on honesty and should not be accessed by those who are just looking to save some money.

MORF Binders Exchange

I couldn’t find any information on the actual site,, but there seems to be a Binder Exchange Scheme here. It’s based in the UK.

The (Trans) Circle

They’re on tumblr, and provide Binder and Packer donations.

Trans Clothes Exchange

Just what the title says.

Hudson’s FTM Guide to Binding

This one has more general information on binders and binding. It’s a classic, so I might as well include it.


Please share your comments if you do have experience with any of these sites, or any other links. I’ll update it as I gather more information. And pass this along to others!

23 thoughts on “Binders Donations

  1. From a comment on Tumblr:
    “I live in Toronto and when I buy a new binder from come as you are, I get $10 back towards a new one because I put them in the binders for brothers bin, which makes it $40 for me instead of $50 which is cool… They sell the used ones for $10 :)”

    Site is:

      1. My parents aren’t supportive of the lgbtq community so they won’t buy me a binder and I don’t have a job cause my parents want me to focus on my last year of high school. I would really appreciate if I could get one because recently my body dysphoria has been super bad. Whenever I first wake up I have to put a bra on and I hate wearing bras. I really hope I can get a binder. It’d mean a lot to me.

        1. Hi Theo – sorry to hear about this. I don’t have any more binders… unfortunately this post is really old. But there are lots of great organizations giving them out to those in need. I’m not familiar with all of them anymore, so try a quick search and ask around in online groups.

    1. Hey TJ – welcome!
      I live in the US, and while some binders are shipped from here (mainly Underworks), others come from places like Canada or Taiwan or Japan and ship to pretty much anywhere.
      Good luck!

  2. i’m 14 and i visited the big brothers resource but theres a problem….its for transmen 22 and older only….would they sdtill give me a binder?

    1. Hey Jack! There’s a site called in a bind and it’s associated with big brother. Also the Morf. Scheme is good. They both donate the binders but Morf merely requests for you to pay for shipping (about 2.50) depending on where you live.

      1. I know this thread is a bit old, but thought I would chime in with the correct information anyway. In a Bind ( is for US guys aged 21 and under. We are in NO WAY associated with the Big Brother binder program. In a Bind is a project of TransActive Gender Center in Portland Oregon.

        Last I heard, Big Brother will only give to teens with parental permission, In a Bind will give to teens either way.

  3. Hey, I just wanted to say, the Trans (Circle) link is dead/doesn’t work. I don’t know what’s going on with it. Just wanted to let you know in case you wanted to take it down or had an alternate link or something. Cheers.

  4. Hudson’s Guide is actually a really great site. I’ve read about packing and T and a bunch of stuff on there. It’s clear and precise.

  5. I am 12 and have a massive chest and my family don’t acknowledge my gender and i have no money. Do you know where i can get a binder completley free? (I am from the UK)

  6. I live in croatia and i have no money or way of paying for a binder…..does anyone know a place where i can get free binders?

  7. Hello! I am Breana/ Brandon. I live in Florida and i am currently 12 years old. I am Gay and genderfluid. I have told my parents that i am gay but i dont know how they would feel about me being genderfluid. I really would love to have a binder for when im Brandon. I have tried ace bandages but they dont help much. I am a 34B and stuff doesnt really seem to help. I dont have money what so ever and i dont wanna ask my parents because i havent even told them im genderfluid!!! Its really hard and i told my older sister about it but she was no help at all. And everyone in my family doesnt understand, they still have a hard time gettimg used to me being gay. So if i got this it would mean the world to me.
    ~ From Breana/Brandon!

    1. Hey Breana/Brandon!

      I have an old binder that compresses underneath but looks like a regular, loose blue cotton tank to the world. It fits a bust of 37″-39″ with a rib measurement of 32″-35″. But unfortunately, it isn’t recommended for people over 170 lbs.

      If you want more info, feel free to contact me on my tumblr – connivingromantic.

      Also, if you would like to talk to me about what you’re going through, you can totally contact me 🙂 I’ve been through a very similar situation and I know it can help to talk to someone who can relate (even if I’m 21).

      1. Hey I’m 14 and my mom is overprotective on me so I don’t have an email capfuls I get a binder without one?

  8. Hey I’m 14 and my mom is overprotective on me so I don’t have an email capfuls I get a binder without one?

  9. I’m 14 and have no money and I’m looking for a xs binder. Does anyone know where I can get one for free?

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