30 Days of Neutrois

For those of you have seen the TV show 30 Days, you’ve witnessed how much can happen in a month. It’s been exactly 30 days since I signed up for this blog; indeed a lot has happened. There are 17 published posts, about 13 drafts, most of them fully cooked, and at least 10 more potential leads, not to mention breaking news and current developments. Evidently you should expect a continuous stream of fodder for an extended period.

Telling this tale has consumed more than just writing time; more nights than not my thoughts steal the attention, leaving my sleep to fend for itself later in the day. Considering there’s over two decades worth of life experiences, emotional turmoil, self discovery, and pointless research, it’s no wonder my neurons are in overdrive.


In efforts to curb this well-intended, but overzealous creative explosion, I plan on keeping to a somewhat regular schedule. This is more for my sanity than anything else.

  • Mondays: Surgery. Anything from updates on my recent top surgery, thoughts on the outcome, explorations on how it all came to be, or answering questions from users like yourself.
  • Tuesdays: News. There’s plenty of trans, queer, socio-political current issues to go around. I’ll highlight a recent one that caught my eye or has been simmering for a while.
  • Wednesdays: Neutrois and Transgender. Sounds vague, because it is. Hopefully I’ll discuss trans related topics in a broad sense, but I’m not above talking about my own struggles in this area.
  • Thursdays: Books and Movies. It’s likely this one won’t be weekly. But my collection of queer books keeps growing, and I can’t get enough of queer movies, so it might be nice to share. While reviews aren’t the objective, there will be opinions.
  • Fridays: Personal. Remember, it’s all about me me me. And Fridays, I get to talk about my favorite subject.

If on any given day there isn’t already something in the works on that topic only, that day is skipped. Thus, there may not necessarily be an article every day, I’m merely trying to organize the currently disarrayed brain dump into some form of controlled analysis.

My itching fingers need to lay off the keyboard once in a while, and they say routine is the best way to stay in shape. Hopefully this will tame the blog’s mercurial temperament enough to let me get some rest. Here goes the first attempt.

The Comic

As always, a close fit to a fitting close.

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