Reader Ramblings: Not-Binary, Not Trans Enough

I have been having a lot of trouble with ‘not trans* enough’ thoughts and I don’t know how to combat them. I’m an advocate for trans* people at my school and I firmly believe that non-binary people are just as trans* and deserving of respect and consideration as any other trans* people, but I’m having so much trouble convincing my critical voice. I’ve been wanting … Continue reading Reader Ramblings: Not-Binary, Not Trans Enough

Disclosure is a Spectrum

It’s not about “passing” (whatever that means), it’s not about a “successful” transition (whatever that looks like) or a “complete” transition (life is never complete). It’s simply a spectrum of who you tell about your trans status. And as a non-binary person, I still wield the power of disclosure. It just took me a while to realize this. Continue reading Disclosure is a Spectrum

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Post-Transition Dissonance

A reader asks about experiencing dissonance after transitioning. “Somedays though, I don’t know what to do about being read as male more often than not. I mean, mostly that’s a good thing, I welcome it, I want it to happen. Sometimes, though, I want to scream I am not, I am neither gender, I don’t want a gender – but I remain quiet because I know the world can’t really conceptualize that.” Continue reading Post-Transition Dissonance

Top Surgery: 2 Years Post-op

It’s been a year since I put up pictures of my chest for the world to see. And it’s hard to believe that it’s been only 2 years since there was anything else there. Hypertrophic Scar Treatment I get a lot of questions about the scars. While most people’s scars turn a pinkish-white after 2 years, mine still look as if I’m fresh out of … Continue reading Top Surgery: 2 Years Post-op


Though the general public perceives “transitioning” as some magical sex change that instantly transforms you from man to woman, or woman to man, we all know it doesn’t really work that way. This is especially true when your gender falls out of the binary, but more often than not these days people are not even taking the “traditional” routes to transition so by now it … Continue reading Ready

Neutrois Hysterectomy

Hysterectomy: One Week Post-Op

Cramps In Spanish – at least the Mexican Spanish that I speak – there are three words to describe three distinct types of cramps. “Dolor de caballo” – or literally, horse’s pain – is the kind of sharp cramp you get when exercising. You feel it in your lower diaphragm, or sometimes quite oddly in your shoulder blades. While it makes breathing slightly painful, it … Continue reading Hysterectomy: One Week Post-Op


Goodbye 2012, and what a year it was. The things I accomplished in 2012 go way beyond anything I ever intended or imagined. (The only reason 2011 has a leg up is because I had top surgery at the beginning of that year, and that is still the biggest milestone in my life.) Let’s do a quick recap. Started, then stopped, then started, then stopped … Continue reading 2012