Transgender and Gender Diverse Characters in (lesser known) Movies and TV Shows

If you’ve been familiar with the concept of trans and gender for longer than 2 seconds, then you’ve most likely heard of mainstream movies like Boys Don’t Cry and Transamerica. If you’re older, or have done some research, you might’ve watched The Crying Game, or Bad Education. And who can ever miss the cult classic Hedwig and the Angry Inch? (I sure didn’t know what … Continue reading Transgender and Gender Diverse Characters in (lesser known) Movies and TV Shows

LGBTQIA Books Update

Since I posted the not-so-comprehensive LGBTQIA Book List, I’ve done a fair amount of reading, and more excitingly, discovering. Here’s a rundown of all the new books I’ve come across that are definitely worth looking into. (Note that I’ve added the new ones to the soon-to-be-comprehensive LGBTQIA Book List.) I am J, by Cris Beam J is a half Jewish, half Puerto Rican, FTM transgender … Continue reading LGBTQIA Books Update

Gender Spectrum Conference

Last weekend I volunteered the Gender Spectrum Conference in Berkeley, CA. It was very intense and lots of hard work, and I’ve been carrying the fatigue throughout this week. But I’m incredibly thankful to have been a part of such a wonderful endeavor. Summary As a quick summary, here’s what I spent the weekend doing: Greeting people, while directing them to obscure buildings on the … Continue reading Gender Spectrum Conference

Dimensions Clinic

A Long Overdue Check-Up A few weeks ago I was searching for healthcare and came across the Dimensions Clinic. It’s actually part of the Castro Mission Health Clinic in San Francisco’s Castro-Mission neighborhood, but Dimensions is the queer youth division. Since it was also recommended by someone else as a solid option to get trans-friendly medical care, I gathered up my courage to go check … Continue reading Dimensions Clinic

In the News: Degrassi

You can read the whole article on the GLAAD Blog: Peabody Awards Honor Groundbreaking Degrassi Episodes. Hinging on the article though, I’ll take it as an opportunity to tell you about a groundbreaking occurrence in TV history. If you’re like me, you own a TV only to stream Netflix from it, and don’t actually watch anything on Cable, or live in another continent, you might … Continue reading In the News: Degrassi

LGB & Trans Books at Gender Odyssey

LGBTQIA Reading List

LGBTQIA Reading List LGBTQIA Books Being the curious cat (or mouse) that I am, my mind has ingested its fair share of books, ranging from theories of cultural evolutionary psychology to the neuroscience behind 3D depth perception, to the complexities of P=NP and and infinite dimensional vector spaces, to troubled teens questioning their sexuality and their gender. Yes, I am an addict, and YA Queer … Continue reading LGBTQIA Reading List