Philadelphia Trans Health Conference 2012, Post-Op

Non-Binary Transition Presentation Success! Aside from not being able to plug in my computer for the colorful presentation I had prepared – which also meant my notes were a bit thrown off – it went rather smoothly I think. Overall turnout exceeded my expectations; I estimate there were 60-100 people (it’s really hard to tell, but the crowd was sizable, and not the empty room … Continue reading Philadelphia Trans Health Conference 2012, Post-Op

Reader Ramblings: SOFFAs (not couches)

My boyfriend is transgender, and he is currently planning to wait on T but wants to go ahead with top surgery. It was cool to see this blog because I only know two other transpeople and they both insisted that you need to be on T before top surgery. You seem so positive, and it’s refreshing to hear this. Many people talk about transitioning as … Continue reading Reader Ramblings: SOFFAs (not couches)

Carnival of Aces: Relationships

This is the round-up post for August’s Carnival of Aces. This month’s theme was relationships, and we had a wide range of participants and posts. The Finalists Guess what? Everybody made the cut! (Ok, it was never a competition to begin with, but now you can’t say you’ve never won anything). Here’s the rundown, in alphabetical order: Ace Eccentric (from an Asexual Space) questions what’s … Continue reading Carnival of Aces: Relationships

Carnival of Aces: Call for Submissions

Welcome! It seems that time has caught up with me, and it’s now my turn to host the monthly Carnival of Aces here at Neutrois Nonsense. First off, “a blog carnival is an event in which many people write blog posts around a single theme.” You can read more about this particular carnival (and its history) at Sciatrix’s Masterpost, which includes previous and future hosting … Continue reading Carnival of Aces: Call for Submissions

Guest Post: The 1,2,3 of being the Significant Other

My girlfriend has gathered up all of her inspiration. We always discuss issues like these in our day to day, but she finally sat down to write it all up in a coherent, full blown post. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoy bouncing off ideas with her. The 1,2,3 of being the Significant Other of a Neutrois Person Perspectives of a Cisgendered … Continue reading Guest Post: The 1,2,3 of being the Significant Other

An Asexual/Sexual Relationship

A post over at Sciatrix’s blog called out for more asexual writing, and specifically mentioned the topic of discussing asexual/sexual relationships. Given that I am in one of these seemingly rare oddities, I feel obliged to expound on this matter. Actions Do Not Speak Louder than Words Despite the veil of anonymity I maintain here, I’m still quite shy when it comes to discussing certain … Continue reading An Asexual/Sexual Relationship