Necker Cube Androgyny


What I find fascinating is that, when presented with missing information, given a lack of evidence, or even evidence to the contrary, people desperately cling to their initial assumptions. And nothing is more unshakeable than the gender assumption. Rarely have people corrected themselves (at least in front of me) from making what they deemd was an “erroneous” gender assumption. And when they do, it is … Continue reading Illusions

Testosterone, part 1

The Curiosity For the past few weeks I’ve been doing a bit of research regarding testosterone. I don’t know what prompted this seemingly sudden interest in T, but perhaps this lingering curiosity is a telltale sign of something else. The Basics Here’s a testosterone primer for those in the not-know. (Note: There are a lot more resources that explain this much more in depth, which … Continue reading Testosterone, part 1

Not Trans Enough

She Recently I have the elusive opportunity to “start over” with an entirely new group of people. I’ve already been introduced by my not-so-temporary shortened name, which doesn’t seem to fool anyone – they always ask if it’s short for “feminine name” and then comment on how it’s a strange way of shortening it. I’ve also been introduced as, or assumed to be, “she.” But … Continue reading Not Trans Enough

A Passing Story

Tennis In first grade we had PE class. PE stands for physical education, an attempt to incluclate young minds with the values of exercise while, in some cases, inadvertently promoting alienation, devaluation, and gender segregation. (Let’s not get into that tangent just yet.) Alas my first grade class was one of the fortunate ones where the latter did not happen, but most likely neither did … Continue reading A Passing Story