Yearly LGBTQ Book Review, Part 3

This is the last installment as I tirelessly recount all the books I read last year. You can take Part 1 and Part 2, stitch it together with Part 3, and you’ve got the whole entire list! These should also appear in the ever-growing up-to-date LGBTQIA Reading List. LGBTQ-themed Fiction and such (Adult) Blue Boy, by Rakesh Satyal The author writes a fictional auto-biographical account … Continue reading Yearly LGBTQ Book Review, Part 3

Yearly LGBTQ Book Review, Part 2

As I mentioned in Part 1 of my year-end/year-start exhaustive book list-turned-reviews, this is quite long. At least I saved the better part for later, or however that saying goes. At this point, it’s worth mentioning that there is going to be a Part 3 as well, so brace yourselves. These have also been added to the ever-growing up-to-date LGBTQIA Reading List. LGBTQ-themed Fiction (YA … Continue reading Yearly LGBTQ Book Review, Part 2

LGBTQIA Books Update

Since I posted the not-so-comprehensive LGBTQIA Book List, I’ve done a fair amount of reading, and more excitingly, discovering. Here’s a rundown of all the new books I’ve come across that are definitely worth looking into. (Note that I’ve added the new ones to the soon-to-be-comprehensive LGBTQIA Book List.) I am J, by Cris Beam J is a half Jewish, half Puerto Rican, FTM transgender … Continue reading LGBTQIA Books Update

Ex-Gay Everywhere

What is Ex-Gay Therapy? Briefly, it’s a harmful way of convincing (nay, fooling) someone gay or queer that they can change their sexual attraction and/or gender identity and live a societally sanctioned heterosexual lifestyle. It’s been proven by a multitude of professional and medical associations to be more than just harmful for the person undergoing “help” – results vary from going on to lead an … Continue reading Ex-Gay Everywhere

A Passing Story

Tennis In first grade we had PE class. PE stands for physical education, an attempt to incluclate young minds with the values of exercise while, in some cases, inadvertently promoting alienation, devaluation, and gender segregation. (Let’s not get into that tangent just yet.) Alas my first grade class was one of the fortunate ones where the latter did not happen, but most likely neither did … Continue reading A Passing Story

LGB & Trans Books at Gender Odyssey

LGBTQIA Reading List

LGBTQIA Reading List LGBTQIA Books Being the curious cat (or mouse) that I am, my mind has ingested its fair share of books, ranging from theories of cultural evolutionary psychology to the neuroscience behind 3D depth perception, to the complexities of P=NP and and infinite dimensional vector spaces, to troubled teens questioning their sexuality and their gender. Yes, I am an addict, and YA Queer … Continue reading LGBTQIA Reading List