Featured Voices: Aydian Dowling

A Lion’s Fears In 2009, Aydian Dowling launched his YouTube channel Alionsfears. He began documenting his own transition as a way to voice his thoughts, fears, and successes. Through his videos he connected with the transgender community as he offered support for others looking to transition. Aydian quickly became an inspiration to many transgender people and their loved ones. So, I asked Aydian: You are an inspiration to so many others… Who Inspires YOU? … Continue reading Featured Voices: Aydian Dowling

Top Surgery: 3 years

Another year, another milestone. For archival, informational, nostalgic purposes, go back to my 2 Year mark, and my progress after the 1st Year. If you’re new here, check out the top surgery tag for more posts. Scars My scars are fading, ever so slowly. I get angry at them sometimes, for not behaving, like everyone else’s. I haven’t had any additional treatments after the injections and laser, … Continue reading Top Surgery: 3 years

Disclosure is a Spectrum

It’s not about “passing” (whatever that means), it’s not about a “successful” transition (whatever that looks like) or a “complete” transition (life is never complete). It’s simply a spectrum of who you tell about your trans status. And as a non-binary person, I still wield the power of disclosure. It just took me a while to realize this. Continue reading Disclosure is a Spectrum

LGB & Trans Books at Gender Odyssey

LGBTQIA Reading List

LGBTQIA Reading List LGBTQIA Books Being the curious cat (or mouse) that I am, my mind has ingested its fair share of books, ranging from theories of cultural evolutionary psychology to the neuroscience behind 3D depth perception, to the complexities of P=NP and and infinite dimensional vector spaces, to troubled teens questioning their sexuality and their gender. Yes, I am an addict, and YA Queer … Continue reading LGBTQIA Reading List