Reader Ramblings: Non-Binary Transition At Work

Someone on the non-binary spectrum emailed me looking for resources on how to navigate their professional life, specifically in a conservative job environment where gender comes with certain expectations.
Do you just suck it up? What are the compromises one has to make? Where is the balance? Continue reading Reader Ramblings: Non-Binary Transition At Work

Reblogged: Proposed DSM-5 Criteria

Originally posted on GID Reform Weblog by Kelley Winters:
Kelley Winters, Ph.D. GID Reform Advocates The American Psychiatric Association announced a third and final period of public comment on proposed diagnostic criteria for the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), ending June 15.  Criteria for the draft diagnostic categories of Gender Dysphoria in Children and Gender Dysphoria in Adolescents or… Continue reading Reblogged: Proposed DSM-5 Criteria

Rainbow Tacos

Castro-Mission I live in the Castro-Mission neighborhood in San Francisco. To anyone familiar with the area, you immediately know what kind of neighbors I have. For those who don’t, here’s the rundown. The Castro The Castro is synonymous with Gay. Like, really really gay. It’s the birthplace of Harvey Milk’s movement, as I am reminded when I walk by the famous camera shop, newly occupied … Continue reading Rainbow Tacos

Reader Ramblings: On (Not) Coming Out

I recently added an Ask box to the blog – you might want to check it out. In the meantime, we have our first brave volunteer, who ignited a long rambling in my head which I’ve concisely bundled into a hopefully coherent rambling here. Question I just was curious as to how you first declared to your family and friends you were neutrois. I am … Continue reading Reader Ramblings: On (Not) Coming Out

Recap: Blogging for LGBT Families 2011

For the past few days I’ve been making my way through the interminable list at of all the posts and bloggers that contributed to the Blogging for LGBT families event. I submitted my post at the very last minute, and I’m very glad I did. There were gay families talking about their kids, and about their past or planned wedding (legal and illegal). There … Continue reading Recap: Blogging for LGBT Families 2011

Ex-Gay Everywhere

What is Ex-Gay Therapy? Briefly, it’s a harmful way of convincing (nay, fooling) someone gay or queer that they can change their sexual attraction and/or gender identity and live a societally sanctioned heterosexual lifestyle. It’s been proven by a multitude of professional and medical associations to be more than just harmful for the person undergoing “help” – results vary from going on to lead an … Continue reading Ex-Gay Everywhere

A Passing Story

Tennis In first grade we had PE class. PE stands for physical education, an attempt to incluclate young minds with the values of exercise while, in some cases, inadvertently promoting alienation, devaluation, and gender segregation. (Let’s not get into that tangent just yet.) Alas my first grade class was one of the fortunate ones where the latter did not happen, but most likely neither did … Continue reading A Passing Story