Colorful Cards

I just wanted to show off my new collection of colorful business cards I made in preparation for the conference tour this summer. First stop, Philadelphia Trans Health. This week! Yikes, I’m jittery already.

Obviously I’ll be too busy to do any blogging, but I will take copious notes and compile a neat little summary afterwards. I might also attempt to provide commentary on Twitter, or on my new Facebook page (which you should all Like), or on some other social medium yet to be determined and re-determined.

If you’re going to be at any of these conferences, please come say hi! To get in touch with me while at the conference, shoot me an email at “maddox AT” (also a shiny new email!) or DM/tweet @neutrois, or look for a short person wearing neon clothing, most likely orange, bright blue, and lime green. Like so:

in case of orange shorts, wear your sunglasses

13 thoughts on “Colorful Cards

    1. Geez, for reals. And my surgery.

      (PS: I actually will need sponsors for next year. This summer is turning out to be fun but expensive. If you have any ideas…)

  1. Love the brightness! Wish I could be there… grumble grumble… damn UK… grr. But I’m sure you’ll be brilliant, whether or not I get the chance to witness it!

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