Non-Binary / Genderqueer Transition Survey

Hey everyone!

In the coming months I will be presenting a few workshops, and am preparing to update a major website, all with regards to non-binary / genderqueer / non-traditional transgender transition.

As we are all aware, there is very little out there on non-binary transition. Therefore, it is up to us to create it and fill the void. Because I am only one person who has had only one experience, I need your help in collecting all the heaps of information and experiences out there.

Here’s a semi-brief survey that I very kindly ask/beg you to fill out. Please spread it around – the more information the better!

If you have any questions, comments, or thoughts, feel free to email me: maddox.xander ©

Take Survey

Thanks. Your help is much appreciated!

Edit: The survey is now closed (see the last comment here), and again, THANK YOU to everyone who participated.

17 thoughts on “Non-Binary / Genderqueer Transition Survey

  1. I am already getting tons more replies than I expected. Glancing at a few, they are all very diverse, which made me realize how much more we need to learn about this.

    For those leaving an email, I will get back to each of you (eventually)! Thanks again everyone!

  2. Why did I have to fill my assigned sex out? Caused me a great deal of pain… I would hae been happy with just filling out the bit for Ft* people, I would have thought that would have negated the need for a sex box unless you specifically want data from intersex people?

    1. I understand the sensitivity around this. Having this field just makes it easier to filter results and gather concrete numbers. For the record, every single field is optional – actually taking the survey is optional – so feel free to skip anything you don’t want to fill out.

      Thanks to all those who have taken it. Your responses have been invaluable and have made me learn a lot already!

      1. The sex field isn’t optional, it’s a radio button with Male set by default and no ‘none’ option. The other radio button questions had no default so could be skipped but there is no way to proceed to the second page of the survey without having something selected for sex.

        I’d be happier signal boosting this if the question really was optional.

        1. Sorry to hear this, that was not my intention at all. Should be corrected now (and I’m sorry I didn’t double check this beforehand).

  3. it’s rad that you’re doing this! i’m super excited about the project! i’m totally going to post a link on my blog.

  4. could you change the terms from MTF/FTM to trans woman/man, respectively? other users elsewhere have commented that the language is essentializing birth gender (as of today, so I think it’s a different concern than the one brought up on March 18), as well that not all of us identified as our previous gender beforehand, which MTF/FTM imply that we did.

  5. Given the overwhelming number of responses, I’ve closed the survey! I wouldn’t want people to fill this out and then have their (often detailed) answers just sitting there, so I want to take the time to read each and every response. It’s gonna take me a while to process all of this, so be patient if you don’t hear back about this in a while. Overall it was very interesting and quite a learning experience. Hopefully we will get a lot out of it as a community.

    A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated!

  6. Hi! I stumbled upon this just now, and so was mildly disappointed to find the survey closed yesterday… out of curiosity, could you just post the questions you asked in the survey ?


    1. Hey tigr, thanks for your enthusiasm! Feel free to contact me via email [neutrois AT], and I can send the questions in an email if you’re still interested.

      In essence, I asked a few basic questions about Social, Legal, and Medical Transition – especially with regards to a non-binary identity – and it was quite open-ended, so I got a variety of responses.

  7. just now finding your blog, because you posted to mine, so I didn’t have a chance to chime in here. But cool that you posted this on my birthday 🙂

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