I’m back from break. Why did it take so long to come back? Well, I could say I’ve been busy. But then naturally you’d ask, busy with what? In which case I have to admit I haven’t really been all that busy. I’ve given up trying to fight the winter blues so instead I’ve embraced hibernating in the house on weekends and catching up on some sleep. Yet miracously stuff gets done in between, like:

  • Playing video games: other than Rockband, I haven’t played a real console game in years.
  • Carving pumpkins.
  • Reading lots and lots of books: maybe one a week, and jailbreaking my Kindle to get custom screensavers.
  • Going on vacation: my first time topless at the beach.
  • Cooking the Thanksgiving meal.
  • Hosting guests: my girlfriend’s parents were here for her birthday.
  • Baking birthday cake: did I mention it was her birthday? This also involves countless hours searching for a gift along with coordinating a surprise outing.
  • Checkupts, Dentists, and other Doctors: getting healthy is ending up being quite a costly venture, and I’m still learning (the very hard way) how insurance works.
  • Working: remember that new job? While I am technically in the office less hours, I’m actually being productive, and more time doing my actual job means less time for not doing it (and blogging instead).

Now that’s a longer list than intended. To make up for all the lost time, here are some pictures!

The real reason I’m back is because my inbox has been piling up with new subscribers along with eager reader questions and comments, which encourages me to keep going. Writing for myself has never held much allure, so the feedback I’ve been getting is truly motivating.

What does this all mean? That I promise to make an effort to put aside my perfectionism and other weak excuses and just frickin post something useful once or twice a week! Hopefully you’ll enjoy it, and we’ll continue to grow.

2 thoughts on “Back

  1. So excited to see that you’re back. I just recently found your blog, and I’ve been reading obsessively ever since. Can’t wait to see what you have to add!

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