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Bust the Binary!

Accurate, engaging, understandable information about transgender, especially non-binary people, is hard to come by. Their friends, their loved ones, their teachers, their providers, all want to learn more.

That’s why I create resources that

Discovering this information saved my life.

We can save lives.

micah-victrola-rainbowWho is this (awesome) Micah person?

For 5 years, I’ve been passionately advocating and educating people on transgender topics – particularly non-binary gender – through conferences, workshops, media interviews, blogging, and published writing.

My knowledge on this topic is on par with doctors, providers, and other well-regarded experts in the field.

My main site houses organized, originally written, thoroughly researched content. My popular tumblr provides a feed of interesting news and articles featuring LGBTQ, transgender, and non-binary specific content.

Become a Gender Warrior.

We're all Tiny Gender Warriors.
We’re all Tiny Gender Warriors.

Thus far, it’s all been volunteer work driven by a passion to promote change.

If 1/10th of my readers contribute $5/month…

I can literally live to research, write, educate.
So, once a month, take me out for a cup of coffee. It’s that easy.

Turn your spare change into social change.

What Will You Fund?

I will continue to produce high quality informative resources about non-binary gender, transgender health, and gender in general, and distribute this information to those who need it: providers, parents, partners, lovers, friends, queers, allies, and above all, ourselves.

Concretely, there are about a dozen projects on my list. These include:

  • uploading my conference workshops online
  • a book with everything there is to know about gender and transition
  • publish my writing writing to broader audiences
  • continuing to build a non-binary community through social media
  • traveling to LGBTQ mainstream conferences

Perks & Rewards

Along with knowing you are making the world a better place, you’ll receive a monthly digest featuring:

  • a curated feed of news with insightful commentary
  • projects in the community
  • my ongoing work, so you can see what you’re fueling
  • plus other amusing rewards!

Ok, I’m Excited! How Do I Help Bust the Binary?

  1. Visit my Patreon page and let the world know that gender exists beyond a binary.
  2. Spread the gospel: tell others to visit this site, voice their support for trans issues, volunteer to help their local community.
  3. Offer kind words: encourage me to keep up the good work. A positive comment can do wonders to my morale!

Celebrate with some rainbow cake!
Celebrate with some rainbow cake!

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