Patients & Providers: Trans-Positive Collaboration Between Therapists & Clients

Tools & Tips for Trans-Positive Collaboration Between Therapists & Clients

by Dara Hoffman-Fox

In this video I discuss how both patients and providers can work together by utilizing the newly released edition of YOU AND YOUR GENDER IDENTITY: A GUIDE TO DISCOVERY, a guidebook for those who are searching for answers about their true gender identity. I also give tips for those who are gender questioning, transgender, and nonbinary as to how you can feel more empowered going into a therapeutic relationship with a mental health provider. Lastly, I share with providers what they can do to be sure they are offering their trans-identified patients with the best care possible.

Are you comfortable with your assigned gender at birth? 

Yes / No / Maybe

When you can answer at least that one question – it can be a huge relief.

The book helps therapists put themselves in their trans clients shoes, gives them tools to use during the session, and provides an approachable step by step guide to reduce the often overwhelming process of figuring out your gender identity.

About Dara

Dara Hoffman-Fox, LPC is a queer-identified mental health counselor whose passion for working with gender-questioning, transgender, and nonbinary clients goes far beyond the four walls of her private practice. Dara’s goal is to get as much education, resources, and support out there as possible to the trans and gender-questioning persons of the world, as well training other mental health professionals to do the same. Through the magic of the internet Dara is able to do this through the Conversations with a Gender Therapist YouTube channel and Facebook page, media and podcast interviews, and the articles and resources you’ll find on

Questions for Dara? Tweet @darahoffmanfox.

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