Featured Voices Theme: MAAB Non-Binary Experiences

Last month I introduced a new series titled Featured Voices. Basically, I’m setting a monthly “theme” for my blog and inviting others to write a guest post for that month.

February: Top Surgery

The first month was all about top surgery, and I got more than I bargained for. So much so that posts spilled over into next month as drafts continued to pile up in my inbox.

Featured Writers
My dad was not a featured writer, thankfully. He rambles a lot.

March: MAAB Non-Binary Stories

The good news is: There are already FIVE posts lined up. At least.

The better news: There are more of you out there! It’s important for people other than myself to write about this. You not only have the personal motivation to research this, you also have the actual lived experience. There is so much I can never know.

While FV series concentrates on personal experiences, for this particular theme I am also looking for well-written, thoroughly researched resource articles. If you know of anyone else who might want to contribute, please refer them to me.

Together we can promote visibility and generate resources, which in turn it will inspire others to share their experiences.

Eli Erlick, of Trans Student TSER
Me with Eli Erlick, whose hair is as incredible as mine

April: SOFFAs

Our supporters are often the very essence behind not only our transition but our personhood, yet their role is rarely acknowledged. Even though their own gender may not be extra-ordinary, a close friend or a spouse may be central to ours.

Partners and other significants are encouraged to write for any theme, but at least for the month of April, they will be star.


How has someone special to you influenced your journey? Feel free to use this as the perfect excuse to invite your best friend, your mother, your best friend’s mother, or anyone who has been through this process with you, to write about their feelings for a change.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

If you’re interested in writing for either month, send me an email. Anybody is welcome to submit. Content is mostly up to you. I support freedom of personality! (Also, I invite you to submit a vlog, video, comic strip, or other creative online medium.)

It’s an honor to have already been entrusted with all these unique perspectives on just one issue. Amazingly, yet not surprisingly, each individual has something completely different to say and a personalized way of expressing their experience with non-binary gender. Thank you to those who’ve shared their story, and to those who encourage us by reading along.

Follow the Featured Voices category to see the entire collection.

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